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  1. KF6IRK

    Rarest cb / export you’ve owned

    I started out on 11m in the early 60s, so I have a ton of old 23-channel tube AM & SSB base radios and walkie talkies from the 60 ~ 70s - including a lot of SONY 11m radios from many different countries. They'll probably all end up in an estate sale and eventually on ebay after I croak, so keep...
  2. KF6IRK

    Sony ICB-2010

    I've collected a lot of rare 11m radios over the years, including my favorites: a CPI CP-400, a CP-2000 and a General SB-72 (23-ch tube SSB radio). I restored some of them to operational condition, and just cleaned some of the other ones up for display only. I especially like tinkering with...
  3. KF6IRK

    Homebrew 9:1 Unun for random length wire antennas

    Looks like you used 22AWG for the windings? 18AWG should be fine for 100w, eh? Quit goofing off and get to work on my HR-50 - ;)
  4. KF6IRK

    Francis Amazer Patent info.

    I still have two Amazers up in the rafters in my garage. I had two of them mounted in a co-linear array, 3" apart on an aluminum plate atop a heavy duty spring and used nylon spacers to keep the antennas exactly 3" apart from top to bottom. Worked very well on the '89 Toyota pick up I had at the...
  5. KF6IRK

    Field Day - 2015 @ Juniper Springs group campground

    Eileen was getting hard to start so I check the water level and put the charger on the battery. I wire-brushed all the terminals and reconnected, but she still didn't want to start easily. I bought a new Interstate battery and the same thing :( It looks like the starter is shot. I don't think...
  6. KF6IRK

    Some pic's of the K6BRY pouring party

    Henry, sitting on his ass - and there's a cracking block wall behind him? Shoulda had him re-grout it while he was there - lol
  7. KF6IRK

    Elecraft KX3 2 Meter Install Video

    So, Tim, when are you gonna install mine - lol
  8. KF6IRK

    Gas-Powered Electrical Power Generator - Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

    OK, so I asked this: "I just purchased a snorkel-type conversion kit for my Coleman generator (with a HM100 Tecumseh 10HP motor) from you folks. I would like to power the generator with portable propane tanks as well as from natural gas at my home. This NPSK-12 kit appears to be for connection...
  9. KF6IRK

    Gas-Powered Electrical Power Generator - Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits

    For those of you who have a gasoline-powered generator and have thought about adding the capability of propane and/or natural gas (while retaining the capability to run regular pump gasoline as well), US Carburetion has released an improved conversion kit for almost any generator motor on the...
  10. KF6IRK

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

    It's been a few years since I've sailed to the island … I'm in.
  11. KF6IRK

    Our very own 'FLG' working for Last Man Standing?

    I just ran across a video on Youtube referencing HAM Radio in some of the Last Man Standing episodes. Notice FLG performing some of his well known janitorial duties in the screen-shot below. You can see him here again in the following clip, starting at 3:15
  12. KF6IRK

    Field Day - 2015 @ Juniper Springs group campground

    Thanks for the place-holder, Marc. YES, I would like to reserve a spot for 'Eileen' and me :eek:
  13. KF6IRK

    Interesting take on Ancient Knowledge (video)

    Bring popcorn and your favorite beverage, it's an hour long ...
  14. KF6IRK

    This is What it's All About, in a Nutshell

    Another good video, boys and girls
  15. KF6IRK

    Cartoon Thread ...

    Chris, you need to click on the 'Upload a File' button and add your picture(s).
  16. KF6IRK

    Cartoon Thread ...

    Why? ... Why not ??? Post the best cartoon(s) that you've come across, we can all use a good laugh in these days of being feed BS Here we go
  17. KF6IRK

    Did 'man' really set foot on the moon, or was it all an elaborate hoax?

    I never questioned it when I was growing up. Feeling like a proud American, who was I to doubt what NASA could do ... or not do? I even visited the Kennedy Space Center when I was in high school and was thrilled to see all the neat shit 'we' [Americans] had to reach up into outer space. I do...
  18. KF6IRK

    True train foamer

    Handing out another Darwin award ...
  19. KF6IRK

    Battery on floor

    Ask your teacher if the same holds true if the battery is sitting on the 2nd or 3rd floor (or the 66th floor for that matter). We were always told not to sit a battery on a concrete floor ... to put a wooden block underneath it, so the cold didn't penetrate it.
  20. KF6IRK

    Best handheld UHF duplex radio?

    What is the intended purpose - mobile or fixed base? If fixed base, have you thought about building a simple UHF Yagi and mounting it about 3' below your Quagi (sp)?