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    2030+ Palomar

    There is a thread here https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/palomar-2030-mosfets.258208/ 73 Jeff
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    Base A99 Height question

    SP5IT is correct. It is hard to judge performance of an antenna based on Skip. I have worked half the US on a 23 channel Midland and a mag mount on a trailer when the band is open. 73 Jeff
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    Rarest cb / export you’ve owned

    It's still in storage, along with a couple 101"s , a Lafayette base station, a couple Silvertone tube radios and who knows what else. That's my " when I need something to do stuff" Won't see that anytime soon. 73 Jeff
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    COBRA 148F GTL $600???

    I remember Coax Kid from Left Coast Radio, Richard I think. Man that's a old memory. He was the last shop that sold the Texas Star Turbo Mod Two Thirds Kilowatt here on the west coast. 73 Jeff
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    Texas star/outcom Dx-600 repill

    I went looking for another thread talking about different date codes and transformer wraps but I can't find it at the moment. In the amp section somewhere. 73 Jeff
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    Texas star/outcom Dx-600 repill

    Crushed posted some good info here https://www.worldwidedx.com/threads/hg-2879c.261419/#post-758337 73 Jeff
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    4:1 current balun

    Yes, Forest Runner you are using a core as a choke. What they are talking about here is winding two individual wires in different numbers of turns around the core and making a transformer. Some antennas do not present a 50 ohm load, but that's what your radio wants to see. They transform a high...
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    Yes, when your stretching it out that much it gets too touchy, then you have to add a 10 turn potentiometer or a multi turn reduction drive to try to slow down the clarifier like back in the day. 73 Jeff
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    The sand guy goes away when I switch to 39. 73 Jeff
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Short skip is cool, it gets you several hundred miles out in what most of the time is a hard to work area. Nice. 73 Jeff
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    2022 Surburban antenna mount options

    I like steel. How soft is it? They do make LED brackets to mount lights on the hood, you might be able to adapt for your install. Here is a picture I dug up on the net that looks like it would work if you find the correct bolt pattern. 73 Jeff
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    2022 Surburban antenna mount options

    Yes, that was the op he wants no drill, no mag mounts. There are fender mounts used on pickups and vans, there are lip mounts like Diamond makes that have 3/8-24 threads. And there are through the glass antennas. My experience with the 2 meter models of on the glass antennas has not been...
  13. AudioShockwav

    2022 Surburban antenna mount options

    You have about covered it. A lip mount like a diamond K400 3/8 mount will hold a fiberglass whip, I used to run a hustler CG144 on one, it should hold a 3 foot fiberglass whip like a hotrod. Got a luggage rack? 73 Jeff
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    Yes. USB and CW only it was a true 10 meter mobile and did well. 73 Jeff
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    I bought a HTX 100 when the closed them out and it was a great radio, the RX was better than my 2510 or 2600. 73 Jeff
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    I am not sure what happened to Tony, I have e mailed him in the past and it gets bounced back as invalid e mail. Good luck finding a simple mod for this radio, a lot of them got closed out from the shack for $80 bucks when the quit making them. If you find a way, let us know, people have been...
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    omni ground elements effecting a beam below them

    That coil is a choke made from coax, and it extends up into the antenna. The actual feed point is about half way up the antenna and uses a shorted impedance matching stub inside the fiberglass, and a capacitor to couple the top section. That's why they call it a center feed antenna. It doesn't...
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    Old uniden Grant PC409ac board

    See link below. https://www.rigpix.com/cbfreeband/president_grantoriginal.htm They list Late 1970's. 73 Jeff
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    omni ground elements effecting a beam below them

    The bottom of the Gain Master is not the feed point, it is not like the Imax antenna. It requires no ground radials. 73 Jeff
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    Varmint SS 600 Solid state Amp

    No worries, I just find it interesting that they were using large core output transformers before the "comp" builders started doing it. They are also the only ones I have ever seen build 2 1×4 amps and combine them into one case. Thanks Nomad. 73 Jeff