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  1. ExitThirteen

    Another 139XLR power supply problem.

    Just as a quick check, if you have not done so already, take the positive wire that goes from the power supply board to the rest of the radio, and disconnect it off the power supply PCB, then check to see if your voltage comes up to 13-14V. I'm wondering if there's a failure on the radio's main...
  2. ExitThirteen

    courier 1 cb base 6bq5 tube overheats

    I agree, I also suspect the PC-70, as it's likely letting DC "leak" onto the grid of that 6BQ5. TV's used to run something similar, and it was called a "couplet" back then, and they were a high failure component. ~Cheers~
  3. ExitThirteen

    Older Texas Star D.C. 350 ssb delay

    Yep, it will work the same for the DX500 as well. ~Cheers~
  4. ExitThirteen

    Why people are not using FM on CB in States?

    You get it. (y) However, there will be plenty of clowns out there that DON'T understand this, and they are going to believe that "more is better"... and it will result in a lot of blown amps. :whistle: ~Cheers~
  5. ExitThirteen

    Why people are not using FM on CB in States?

    Seems to me that FM on 27mhz (at least in simplex) would be rather inefficient. And 100% cycle duty on any amplification devices used doesn't seem desirable either... I suspect there will be a huge influx of blown up amplifiers in the near future. :rolleyes: I'll just stick to SSB and ~20W...
  6. ExitThirteen

    doesn't make sense to me

    I would suspect a bad capacitor, has the radio been fully recapped? My 2000 GTL was fully recapped 4 years ago, and it is in constant service, it doesn't sit unused. Even though the mod was not designed to be ran at 1/2W to 1W deadkey, your audio should not fade or fall out, so I would suspect a...
  7. ExitThirteen

    doesn't make sense to me

    Quick analysis/description of this mod. I know I say ALC a couple of times in there, I meant to say AMC. ~Cheers~
  8. ExitThirteen

    doesn't make sense to me

    Man, I need to pop in here and read the threads more often... Just been so busy. Looks like someone tried to do my NPC/RC mod, with less than favorable results. A few points to bring up... This HAS to be done with an o'scope, a signal generator, and a spectrum analyzer. Not a power meter...
  9. ExitThirteen

    help with amp

    Those 2879's don't belong in there, that's partly why your SWR is so wacky. The input/output tune will be way off, and the wraps on both the input and output transformers will also be incorrect, as those amps originally came with MRF455's (or similar transistor). The non-regulated supply will...
  10. ExitThirteen

    Cobra 2000 No Tx.

    Yes, should be around .5-.6V or so at the solder trace where the base leg of the final solders to. You can usually get a suitable replacement for L39 out of a junk Cobra AM or SSB radio. ~Cheers~
  11. ExitThirteen

    Cobra 2000 No Tx.

    The failure of the final and L39 wasn't caused by the failure of the MB3756, but rather, C152 failing short. That capacitor passes RF through it, and I have seen the capacitor either fail short, or become leaky, allowing excess voltage to reach the base of the final transistor. The purpose of...
  12. ExitThirteen

    Cobra 2000 No Tx.

    It's doubtful, but possible. When you say it smoked the regulator, which regulator are you referring to? The regulator in the power supply circuit, the MB3756 8V regulator that controls things on the main PCB that's located near the audio IC, or the small 2SC496 located in between the driver and...
  13. ExitThirteen

    Cobra 2000 No Tx.

    Check voltage at the base leg of the final, in TX and RX, shouldn't be very much voltage, maybe a half a volt or so. If you get anything more than about .7V or so, then C152 has failed short, which is allowing the full voltage from the emitter of the driver transistor to hit the base of the...
  14. ExitThirteen

    Cobra 2000 No TX power then whole radio died

    Replace C152, and C157. These two are disc capacitors located in the driver/final section of the radio. C157 is .0047uF, and C152 is 470pf. Replace those, and let us know how you get on. I'm suspecting one of those capacitors have failed short, which is causing extra voltage to "leak" into the...
  15. ExitThirteen

    Is everyone dead at the rci factory or what

    These reasons are why I'm so glad I do CB radio repair. I can go on the FB Marketplace, or Craigslist, and buy up 40ch AM/SSB CB's on the cheap, and stick a $30 capacitor kit into them, and get them restored, and I'm good to go. No need to go out and try to buy junk "exports", when a CB will...
  16. ExitThirteen

    I've obviously hit a streak...

    There was a guy that was local to me years ago, that ran a "comp" 4 pill, when he'd modulate through it, you could see the ferrites on the output transformers actually rotate counter-clockwise. It was the most insane thing I'd ever seen, and I remember it to this day. Couldn't even imagine how...
  17. ExitThirteen

    I've obviously hit a streak...

    Andy is right on top of this one. I also want to note that 40W peak is way too much input for a 1 x 4. That configuration runs best with a single final radio at ~20W peak output, no more. Anything beyond that can cook the driver transistor, or can overdrive the 4 transistors and cook one of...
  18. ExitThirteen

    Galaxy No am tx but ssb works fine

    Also, closely check for bad/cold solder joints, they are a common problem in those particular radios. I have so many of those radios come across my bench with odd problems, only to find one or several bad or cold solder joints. ~Cheers~
  19. ExitThirteen

    CB Modification Website

    Now with 20% more Accu-Splat™ modulation mods!! Courtesy of Butt-Fuzz Enterprises, LLC. :D ~Cheers~
  20. ExitThirteen

    New SSB export radio coming soon - RCI X9

    More junk. Sad.... (n) ~Cheers~