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    What am i missing?

    Back into CB after a few years without. Bought a new Sirio 5000, Mag mount on the roof of a '18 GMC P/U. Can't get the SWR below 2 Tried the old Wilson 5K on the same Mag mount, same thing, TOO high. Any ideas??? Can't drill it, company work truck.
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    Tax refund dreams RCI 69FFB4 or RCI 2970N4 ?

    2970N2 pushing a sweet 16 mobile Love it. Use it for SSB only.
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    Is my grounding OK?

    Also, run a ground strap to the tail pipe(s)
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    2950dxcd or 2970n2

    Undertaker, I'm running a N2 with a sweet 16 and have great results. SSB all over the world, mobile
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    Do I really need two alternators

    Rescue, There is a lot of good info at k0bg.com like stated above. Plus like Jesse said, increase the size wire from battery to alt. I used 0 ga. fine strand. I run a connex 4300-300 and a Ranger N2 with a sweet 16. Everything under the hood is factory original except the wiring hook up...
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    RCI 2970N2 power ?

    I have been running a TS sweet 16 behind my N2 for a couple of years now as my mobile. Can't get much of a better compliment than at the end of the conversation you hear " WHAT?-----You are mobile???"
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    Will a texas star dx 500 damage a new computer controlled car?

    Wheelman, MOGVZ hit the nail on the head. You can't do too much bonding. I had the same concern with a Chevy truck and running an amp. SO, I spent about 2 months running bond straps to everything and making sure everything was properly grounded. I have been running a Ranger 2970N2 driving a...
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    Two radios on same antenna?

    You can have two radios with one antenna IF you have a good switch in line. I have been running a connex and ranger with one Wilson 5K for years. I had the connex long before I got interested in SSB. Did some home work and talked to my tech guy. You can have both radios on at the same time...
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    Amplifier help.

    Be sure to get an external SWR meter. Radio shk has a decent one for about $40. DON'T rely on the swr meter in the radio. If you are gonna start using some extra power you will need too get a hard mount antenna and loose the mag mount. Do you have a shop close by that can check out what ever...
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    Amplifier help.

    Texas Star all the way. Like everyone stated......antenna, antenna, antenna !! Depending on the vehicle and what size amp you want to run. SO, tell us more details !!
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    Honestly, forgot all about it. Had some great DX with UK, Germany, Ireland and the West coast this morning. What about next Sat?
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    CB dx on channel 38

    had good dx with "the republic of Ireland" and another mobile from BC Canada
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    CB dx on channel 38

    UK, Germany, Ireland, So. Africa all good contacts with my little mobile !!
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    Yep, 38 was crazy today. I talked to SO. Africa for the first time tho just before lunch !!
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    Works for me. The 8-1 0am time frame has been strong with UK, Ireland, Germany etc. for me. But what ever is the most popular time frame is good for me.
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    Seems like a few months ago we tried to have a "call day", I think it was on a Sat afternoon. We should do the same thing on 16 some Sat. with a predetermined time frame Just thinking out loud here....................
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    USA mobile to Ireland mobile

    Two days in a row now !! 38LSB talked to 001 Ireland Mobile from Arkansas with 2970 N2 mobile.
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    Sirio 5000 and Wilson 5000

    W5LZ, "One is making the thing resonant" How does one go about doing this? I have a WIlson 5K with 1.1 up to 1.3.
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    CB or Export?

    2970N2 for two plus years now and love it. NO issues, no overheating, stable on freq
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    2nd battery

    fuse Currently have a 50 amp fuse on both the + & Neg #4 ga. wires. Have bought a 150 amp fuse set up for both lines going to the 16. A while back I check the Pos. that is routed throught the firewall and though a rubber gromet. There was a bare spot on the pos. side and luckly had not...