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    RCI69VHP Service Manual & schematic needed

    Does anyone have the service manual / alignment procedure for the RCI69VHP?
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    Any info on this Linear?

    Eagle 525
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    I will take the 69vhp if still available
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    Great info once again, I ordered new filter caps a while back but haven’t revived them yet. I was planning on changing out all the electrolytic. I’ve been testing the HV resistors and all tested in spec surprisingly. Thee transmitter dosent seem to have much use/ time on it as the lid has no...
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    Well need a relay, tried cleaning but just chatters So ordered one like it with new base. Also when keyed I’m seeing all channels 2MHz low on all channels. Not sure if an alignment will give me back the 2 missing MHz?
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    Nomad are you ever wrong? Popped off the can today and sure as sh%t bare wire makes contact when moving around. Took care of that, re-installed and powered on with no issues. Unfortunately work around house had to be done so didn’t have the time to go any further. I’m guessing I will hook to...
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    Ok I will pop the can off and take a look I may put some liquid rubber (tool handle dip) inside the can before re installing just for precaution.
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    ok, I tested the 6BA6 and it tested good, in fact I tested all the 6BA6 to compare and they all tested the same almost. I tested T4 and shows no shorts to any pins. Im seeing 7 & 7.2 ohms across them. not sure but I’m seeing a short to chassis on all 6.3vac pins, I know one side goes to ground...
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III and signal generator

    Can the receiver be tested alone without hooking up the Transmitter to it? I want to put a 27.???Mhz 30%modulated signal into it for testing?
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    Thanks I seen that already. Looking at the schematic I believe it’s R23 dropping resistor 2.2k to T4 and plate of the tube. I’m going to lift it, check B+ voltage and check tube for shorts? See where that gets me.
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    Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB help needed with RX

    I received a Mark III set and when I hooked up and turned on the receiver was giving off an odor and then a tiny bit of smoke. I flipped it over and found a resistor that go HOT! I don’t have a Sams for this so I’m not sure what’s going on. Here is a pic of the burnt resistor, I lifted one leg...
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    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    Dan, I can use the Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB if you have it? Andrew
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    Galaxy DX959 channel mod I believe

    I will try jumping the switches today, I’m seeing it mostly on the normal channels 1-40. Example channel 5, 20 and a few more are missing I see channel 4 twice in channel 4 position and channel 5 position. It shows 5 on the 2 digit display but shows channel 4 on the frequency display.
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    Galaxy DX959 channel mod I believe

    Ya that’s exactly how it’s wired I’m going to undo the mod to see if the channels go back to normal for 1-40. If it does maybe a bad switch they look cheap.
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    Galaxy DX959 channel mod I believe

    I had picked up a Galaxy DX959 awhile back at a hamfest that had 2 switches on the back. I finally decided to try it today and everything seems to be working kind of. I know it’s always the kind of that gets ya. The switches on the back after trying and looking up mods on cbtricks is the channel...
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    Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amplifier,

    Sell this yet?
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    Communication Power Inc FC70 need some help

    My FC70 stopped showing the lower digits on the display across the board. I pulled the display board out and retouched all the solder joints but still same issue. When I power off and on the bottom digits show for a quick second but then go out. I don’t have a schematic and can’t find any docs...