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    al capone antennas

    lmao ! thats the funniest thing i have seen all day. leave it to adam for a good laugh
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    guess you want an inferior antenna to a 102" ss whip. oh well, to each his own.
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    Predator 10k man

    you looking for the Predator Freedom DX-K ?? I hear they are GREAT !!
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    New 36 Amp power supply review (67.00 Shipped)

    ive owned one of these for maybe a year now. seen mild usage running a 2 pill, and thumbs up here :thumbup1: voltage can be adjusted from about 9 volts up to 15.5 volts as well. ive noticed that my fan stays on continuously now, but with it being so quiet, it doesnt bother me. unit doesnt...
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    Did you mean "DYNASCAN" ?? maybe ?
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    channel 17 idiot

    hehe, ive heard that idiot before... luckily for me, i havent had his conditions my way too often ! otherwise, id have to go ape shit. by the way, nice gate of the idiot.. you just made him famous. just as he wanted
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    chan mod question

    cut first, ask questions later
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    Texas star 500v

    so your long question short is; would you see more out of your amp if you ran it with a dual final radio ?? well duh... short answer even shorter is YES.
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    Sparkys CB shack order

    well i never accused you of being russian... the other options are debatable.
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    Cobra 29 XLR budget build.

    the 2 year old post could have been a hint
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    a fatboy amp?

    oh, another splatter box ?? cool, i will see ya on 54 mhz
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    great lakes today

    and you would know huh ? remind us what your class was again ?
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    a fatboy amp?

    can you say happy meter :whistle:
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    speaker question

    I just picked up a pair of speakers from a thrift store for a whopping $5 bucks. They look like some old school surround sound speakers. Realistic is the brand. They are a dual speaker system in a small case. Roughly 6"x4"x5" I hooked em both up to my home theater system, and they both...
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    706mk2g help

    when does the "roach clip" mod come ?
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    Icom IC-7000

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    Woodpeckers on 11mtr?

    i wonder which one i am ?
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    Camping Antenna

    those fiberglass mast supports are pretty cool !
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    Camping Antenna

    basically what i had in mind was getting three 6 foot fence sections together and putting the antron on top. i havent hashed out all the details yet, because i wanted to know if this would be even worth while to do.