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    CDE CB radio Mark V ..... Help!

    I was given two old 23 ch mobiles the other night by a friend. They are 23 CH CDE mark V mobiles.. I have looked and looked and there is NOTHING anywhere on them. I need help trying to find tune up info.. The only thing about them is they look to be similar to the old 23 ch am Brownings and...
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    Stickman on youtube

    Anyone know much about this guy? He has a lot of videos on radio repairs. Just wondering...
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    RCI 2995DX issues

    I just got a LNIB RCI 2995DX and the power seems to be set low. On AM it keys up 30 but only swings to about 75 and on SSB im lucky if i see 80... I see others post that they get more but mine seems to be a dog...
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    DEAD Robyn SB 520D

    I have a Robyn that my friend gave me (said get it out of here or tis going into the trash) that is dead. The channel readout is dark and no TX/RX. Any ideas as the radio is not in bad shape and i'd rather not scrap it.
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    Jo Gunn RIP????

    One of my facebook friends posted that Jo Gunn is no longer in business. I looked and it looks like their website is gone. Anybody else know anything?
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    Shakespeare 176 big stick

    I found a couple of bases (no tops) big sticks laying along the fence i forgot i had. I put one up and used a Francis 96" antenna and got a OK swrs of 1.5 to 1.7 on all 40. Is this normal for this antenna?
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    KL 60 SSB delay

    Anyone know how i can shorten the SSB delay in this little amp?
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    A99 question

    Anyone know if a 102" whip would work for the top of my a99? I got one from my cousin but the top piece is missing.
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    Old radio shack base antenna

    I found in my stash (forgot i still have it) a bluish green 1/2 wave radio shack crossbow antenna. Does anyone know anything about it? IIRC the last time i tested it it had a mediocre match on 11 meters...
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    My YouTube channel

    Check it out thezeke1974
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    Helppppp! Sears roadtalker 934.38261800

    I bought one recently that has no transmit and nothing (no tx and no RX) on SSB. if anyone has a schematic or what have ya i'd be great appreciated!!!!
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    Drake TR7

    I have a TR7 and so far i love it. It has 3 filters and does every bit of 200 watts output. Anybody else run a TR7 and what do you think of it???