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  1. Tucker442

    lafayette HA-270

    I still have a HA270 A I bought it new in 73. I also bought the matching power supply which probably weighs 30 pounds so you could use it in the house. Depending what frequency you’re going to use it for there’s a wire soldered to the tank coil in the front you have to put it different places...
  2. Tucker442

    lafayette HA-270

  3. Tucker442

    Top Gun Quad 5

    Well someone asked about Magnum‘s quad five it’s the same as all the others with the same front face the best one if you look on the board is version six. If you look around you’ll find them at a good price, mine has been in my truck probably three years now maybe longer and it works great still...
  4. Tucker442

    Mag mount Mobil antenna.

    Has anyone ever seen or owned a Moonraker mobile antenna. I never heard of them before and I’ve been around a long time I had a discussion with a guy this morning I told him I’ve never heard or seen one he showed me a picture of the antenna in the packaging. I have to say he surprised me
  5. Tucker442

    Anytone 6666

    I have a quad six in my car where I should say truck, I have The clarifier set to FIN Works great when using it almost 2 years never an issue.
  6. Tucker442

    Anybody use switching power supplies?

    I use mega work also would not even consider going back to a brick power supply. The best part is you can piggyback them so if you have a 35 and then a few months later you get another 35 you can put them together for 70. Megawatt has been my choice not that the others have an issue I just like...
  7. Tucker442

    Opinion= Which is better Galaxy 95T2 or Magnum S9/175

    I have to agree I’ve had an S9 and it was a great radio on sideband. But from what people say the Galaxy Radio across the board are real boomers on AM.
  8. Tucker442

    Best base antenna for skip

    There’s really only three that I would use one is the A99. IMAX2000 or whatever they call them these days and the hustler by Maco. If you talk to anybody that knows anything about CB Antennas I’m sure they will agree with me good luck and remember height is Might The higher you can get it the...
  9. Tucker442

    Top Gun Quad 5

    They do make some in Vietnam
  10. Tucker442

    Anytone 5555 Crt 6900

    Has anyone had luck making the display meaning the entire display have some kind of dimming wire or where the power comes from. I’ve had the 5555 and the 6900. The entire display is just too bright all the time
  11. Tucker442

    Your first CB? what year started? any other radio interest?

    My first CB was an old Lafayette 444 that you had to put crystals in I think it only had six or seven channels and I had crystals in three. A CB radio license at that time was $20 for five years I think maybe four years and it was a big deal if you transmitted without a license they put that...
  12. Tucker442

    How to contact RCI Ranger for warranty...

    I’m afraid to send anything to H and R because you never know when you’re going to get it back I’ve heard horror stories about six months to a year, I’ve had very good luck with the place in Tennessee and a place in Ontario California so I guess they would be my choice at this time
  13. Tucker442

    How to contact RCI Ranger for warranty...

    From what I understand after having a long conversation with Sam Lewis Before his passing God bless him he gets radio shops like a CB shop to do some of his repairs all over the country with the magnum radios I’m sure ranger RCI does the same thing I had very good luck with radio shop supply...
  14. Tucker442

    How to contact RCI Ranger for warranty...

    Glad I could help you out it’s a shame because they were very good repair center I’ve used them 4 or 5 Times with very good results
  15. Tucker442

    How to contact RCI Ranger for warranty...

    Radio Shop Supply look it up I also have the phone # let me know if you need it let me know.
  16. Tucker442

    Stryker 955 AGC mod..Anyone?

    Just get receive a aligned it’ll make a big difference
  17. Tucker442

    Uniden Bearcat 980

    I’ii be in the Cleveland area this summer actually my buddy lives in Northfield maybe we cab do lunch ?
  18. Tucker442

    FT-991A Mod

    Funny how you and I buy the same radio
  19. Tucker442

    Yaesu 857d needs factory alignment

    Hey Mudfoot haven't seen you in a while, glad to see you