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    Using a AA-55 to Null coax.

    NOTE: This is for a 1/2 wave jumper. For a 1/4 wave jumper, do NOT short the shield & center conductor together. NOTE: It is critical to determine the true VF of your coax (with your analyzer) and using that # for the VF setting when creating your jumper. Don't rely on "Published" VFs. Just...
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    Using a AA-55 to Null coax.

    Just my .02: 1. - Why would you use "published" VFs? Use your analyzer to determine the true VF of your coax and then use that # when you are trying to make a jumper. 2. - There is no need to use a Tee and DL. The MFJ and RE instructions clearly state how to make a stub (jumper). Screw the...
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    Who would you consider the best DX'er on this site

    @RedRiverII I can't think of a better way to get banned than to have a personal fight with a forum administrator...
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    I would like an opinion on TL-922A.

    Just my .02 I would check the transformer that burned. Check the bandswitch contacts, especially on 10m. The resistors in the VHF suppression circuit on the Tubes look like they have been very hot. You didn't say how old the amp was. If the HV caps are old, I would change them and any other...
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    AT-6666/SS 9900 mic wiring finally Demystified and Accurate

    Here is the 6 pin mic wiring for a bunch of President radios including the Lincoln II+: Note: On my stock Lincoln II+ mic, the .001 (102) cap to bleed off treble is missing inside the mic. On the Radio side: You will see that there is a 102 before and after L30 on the audio line inside...
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    It will work with any radio. 7 digit Freq. counter, tuner, pre-amp, clock, 2 different antenna outputs, TVI filter. Nice piece of gear. YouTube vid describing how it works: The CPI 2000 has a Local Oscillator output on the back that can be attached to the base console's "Counter in". If...
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    Off Frequency 2950 ( 1st gen )

    IMHO you need a really, really accurate 8 digit Freq. counter to do this.
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    Anytone AT-6666 SSB power Adjustment?

    You can adjust W3 (SSBPH), but I would adjust W6 (SSBANL) first. If you can't get down to 25~30 watts, then adjust W3 for less than 12v @ TP9. W900 - VOL - Echo Volume W901 - DEL - Echo Delay W800 - RF Gain/Power W801 - Clarifier/Squelch W802 - Power Switch/Volume W500 - FMMOD - FM...
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    Guitar Amplifier Cap. question.

    https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/kemet/A142MP330Q450A/14722146 Low ESR, 22,000 hours @ 105C Newark has 1 for $9+
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    My try to post a new message on the new setup.

    Great to see you back Marconi! I was asking about you the other day. I hope you and yours are doing well! We have missed you. Your neighbor, Dr_DX
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    Anytone quad 6 mic diagram.

    You can do that but you must do the following even with a 4 to 6 pin adapter.: 1. You need to open up the adapter and unsolder/cut the RX wire going to pin 4 (on the 6 pin side) 2. You must put a 104 capacitor in series in the Audio line between the connection to the leaf switch and the mic...
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    Anytone quad 6 mic diagram.

    Why, if you don't mind? If the original mic wire is being used then : Audio (white) goes to pin 1 on the mic plug Shield (Copper) goes to pin 2 or 5 (doesn't matter - they are connected together inside the radio). TX (Black) goes to pin 3 on the mic plug. IMHO, you should never use color to...
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    Anytone quad 6 mic diagram.

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    11 Meter Radios AM/SSB/FM

    Just my .02 I find these handy in a mobile radio install: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32897068247.html The last one on the bottom right is the 13.8v 25amp model ($38.66 shipped). It is an automatic buck/boost DC to DC converter. It takes any DC voltage from 8-36v and puts out a regulated...
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    Rx vs tx optimum settings

    yes I am not sure what polarity for TX you are using but if vertical, a .64 wavelength will give you the largest single lobe and the strongest signal on the horizon. Anything longer starts a second lobe and anything shorter isn't as efficient. But a .64 wavelength vertical is not the best RX...
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    Uniden cb part

    Maybe ask the owner if they are willing to part out if it doesn't sell: https://www.ebay.com/itm/185249234842
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    Beam Suggestions

    I agree wholeheartedly. Other than the example I gave, it is imperceptible. I also think 1.5db is a bit of a stretch for adding a single element but I do think 1db is reasonable. I am blessed to live out in the country where I do have a low noise floor and have been able to hear small...
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    Beam Suggestions

    Except when the difference is perceptible. When that extra 1~1.5 db lifts the RX signal out of your noise floor and you can now make a copy when you previously couldn't. Isn't that why we do radio...to communicate with other people?
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    Sirio MAG 145 PL mag mount

    @Smokinone - The nice thing about RG-400 is that it is the same size as RG58, so you won't have to modify the antenna for it to fit. All of our posts are opinions and not facts, whether it is stated that way or not. I can't speak for anyone else, but my opinion is based on having my own radio...