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  1. BammBamm

    Should I add a grounding strap to the antenna mount.

    Ok. I had a similar experience and this is what I did to mine in a 2017 Ram. Using the top piece of your mount only bare the metal on the rack and mount it to it with self tapping sheet metal screws then run ground straps from bed to frame, rack to bed and this was my biggest help ground strap...
  2. BammBamm

    In a tree?

    Currently no base but since Trump wants to give me some money I'm going to pass it along to DNJ and buy a new antenna and use my 2950cd and Kl503p on a power supply. I am currently in my mobile home until my house sells and I have to hide it. I'm not afraid to climb the tree and when I move the...
  3. BammBamm

    In a tree?

    How much will it affect my signal to hide a IMAX or gainmaster ina oak at about 60'? Tip of antenna will be about 5' over tree top.
  4. BammBamm

    Skip’s a rollin’: Spring is here!

    Heard 139 out of Oklahoma yesterday about 5:30pm ....then silence again.
  5. BammBamm

    Base antenna, High noise floor tips..

    Ok after looking at pic this is just my thought..a choke at the feedline at antenna. Also unplug electronics in the room and check for any difference. Does that AC unit run during the day? A ground wouldn't hurt but may not help either. Possible to raise the antenna a bit?
  6. BammBamm

    Covid Cooking- Culinary Cuisine

    Let's see...keep in mind I hunt and fish so....Uncle Ben's jambalaya and use either catfish or squirrel meat....Nacho cheese doritos dipped in small curd cottage cheese...and this is a favorite of mine, lay uncooked bacon on wax paper to create a large rectangle then spread ground venison on...
  7. BammBamm

    Would like to see some pictures of your pet's.

    Ok the black and white cat was found in my yard (Ollie), the solid gray cat was found at 1 day old under a neighbor's porch and bottle fed (Milo) the Maine coon mix is rescued after 1 1/2 years in a cage at humane society.(Elmo) the Brindle dog is a Plott hound and was a humane society rescue...
  8. BammBamm

    Sirio turbo 5000

    Help!! I replaced my coax with 18' of Wilson RG8X and now my SWR is 1.6:1 on 1 and 40 and 1.5:1 on 20. It was 1.1:1 across all 40 before changing coax. Also talking to a local friend of mine and as I approached about 3 miles away he could no longer hear me although he was giving me a solid...
  9. BammBamm

    Sirio turbo 5000

    I recieved my new antenna from DNJ radio yesterday and installed it in the rain with the 145 magnet mount. I am impressed so far! A lot less noise and the recieve is amazing! Where I normally had 5db+ of static I now had 1. I heard a guy who was at about 3db and made a contact with him only to...
  10. BammBamm

    11 meter is very quiet?

    I'm sorry to post here but...how do you start a new post? I have searched through the site and can't find anything.
  11. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    Is it worth it to change the coax to RG8X? I will never run more than 300 watts through this.
  12. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    I'm still waiting and expected delivery is now tomorrow..I'm not sure what happened but it is what it is and no blame to DNJ.
  13. BammBamm

    Antenna location

    I just lost a Tram triple mag mount that had a Tram TBC-9 antenna in it as it blew off my roof at about 65 mph! I have ordered a Sirio performer 5000 that I should have tomorrow. For any of you considering or even using a Tram triple mag mount if you take it apart you would be shocked to see the...
  14. BammBamm

    Anyone fish too?

    Happy hamer what part of Illinois? I'm in Lynwood and fish about a 60 mile radius of my home. My main spot is Kankakee river or Mazonia.
  15. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    Well I took the advice of others here and ordered my new antenna from DNJ. Decided on the Sirio performer 5000 with the 145 magnet mount. I'm impatient and paid the extra for shipping and will have it monday. I'll let you know my thoughts later.
  16. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    I travel to Gary quite often as my tech is there. As for can't and won't my cars roof access is a nightmare! I have tried to remove the roof panel and found that it is GLUED to the metal of the roof! And as a real added kicker all wiring for dome lights, Sirius antenna, radio antenna, third...
  17. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    I'm thinking the Wilson 5000 as it sits low and my previous Wilson 1000 seen speeds in excess of 100 mph on a trip from Az to Il and never moved.
  18. BammBamm

    Mobile Anyone else's wife disapprove of your antenna choice

    Well I just got home from a drive into the city and I no longer have an antenna! Had a Tram triple mag mount with a Tram TBC-9 antenna...it doesn't hold over 80 mph! I honestly forgot I left it on as usually I take it off to park in garages downtown. I'm currently off the air for a bit. Luckily...
  19. BammBamm


    This is the crazy thing..Here in cook county Illinois due to the fact that I manned up and plead guilty I am not eligible for expungement.
  20. BammBamm


    Yes..myself. I was addicted to crack cocaine for 3 years before getting caught with a large amount. 1st offense in cook county Illinois got me 4 years. I got out and never looked back. Since then have gained full custody of my daughter and have used fishing, bowhunting and radio to keep myself...