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    Commander HF2500 Linear Amplifier

    Thanks was hoping it was a x
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    Getting the ticket

    The best description I have heard is ham radio is like a formal affair and 11 meters is like a back yard bbq lol... one black tie the other cutoffs and tee shirts lol
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    Commander HF2500 Linear Amplifier

    Is the Dax a IX or X?
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    I Miss....

    My mom and dad both worked at the Corning plant in Danville Ky. She worked on the diode line how retro is that lol
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    Watt meter

    The Telepost is top notch you won't be sorry.
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    Maco V Quad (2 element)

    Back in the 80's I had a set of those stacked in the other shape. They worked very well but like you Saud it takes away from horizontal and vertical both in that position. Can't hurt to try it if you can without a lot of trouble
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    would you buy this meter

    Good luck on finding a used Bird for under 200 that doesn't look like it's been drug down a gravel road. I have 2 43's and half a dozen slugs and bought them used and have as much in them as that. Like Nomad said they are more than just a power meter. If I were going to buy a new meter t I day I...
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    Fresh Hell In The Woods

    We have timber rattlers and copperhead here just gotta watch out. Curios if you measured it to see how long it was. Also they make pretty good table fair.
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    Maco v Quad ????

    I ran a set of stacked 2 element v quads back in the 70s and 80s and talked all over the world with them. If a ground plane or Super Scanner kicked their butt then something was not right with them if the locations were similar.
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    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    If you lived around where they are coming from you would despise this crap
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    New be but an oldie just joined this group thanks.i live in Australia

    Welcome to the forum. I work several stations down under when the band is open maybe we can make it go.
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    The old FCC issued cb call signs

    KACC-8232 back in the day KO4LMA on HF and 2 KILO YANKEE or 20 lb Hammer on AM 11 meter
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    11 meter is very quiet?

    Had a good QSO withe Codeman in his pickup truck Sunday afternoon. He was doing a fine job here in Ky.
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    Field Day This Weekend ...... and no threads here .... lol

    Looks like it's 17 and 12 for me this weekend lol
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    Needing advice on safe and inexpensive way to fall a tower

    To get the sections apart one of those tower Jack's are great so is a bottle jack and 2x4 but I have used a heavy duty ratchet strap with great success. Always use a harness and belt off. I made a gin pole from gate tubing and it works fine just a lil heavy. Good luck and remember if it dont...
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    inverted v direction for hf

    My ocfd is a little north east to a little south west with the feedpoint at 65 feet both ends at about 40 and I have had great luck hitting all of Europe some Africa and South America and the Pacific besides here in the states.
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    Needing advice on safe and inexpensive way to fall a tower

    Do any of the guys climb? Taking it down a section at a time is the best way and then cut the last one off at the concrete.
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    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    Well if you don't like us AM cbers you should have been listening on 7.200 tonight about 8 pm est.
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    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    Lol yes that's from a devilishly device called the world of sound that let's you transmit on several frequencies at once lol.
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    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    Well there's a couple more thats joined in the stuff and they still can't stop him from talking.