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  1. fodendaf

    WTB: 7.8mhz ssb filter

    I'm looking for a 7.8mhz crystal filter as used in some cb radios. usb and lsb crystals to suit same would be useful but I can live without them.
  2. fodendaf

    Hf band pass filters head scratcher?

    I was looking at different radio designs on the net and the amateur band only radios have a single bandpass filter switched in and out for each ham band. But I have used many general coverage radios for example the kenwood ts850 which as you tune you hear a relay switch at every half megahertz...
  3. fodendaf

    Tokyo High Power ssb/cw 10 meter radio.

    Amp Supply TR 110 10 Meter Band SSB CW Transceiver Nice Look | eBay
  4. fodendaf

    Anyone like to comment on this radio Racal Javelin RC9125?

    Racal Javelin RC9125 HF Transceiver 12V 125W PEP NEW | eBay ebay id:280929129284 I'm not going to buy this one but I was wondering is this an sdr like the mororola micom 2E? . I see very little on google about it.
  5. fodendaf

    2pill 2sc2879 amp build

    I'm starting my first amp to have something to do for the winter nights. Here's a few pics showing current progress which is not a whole lot but I did mess up one hole when I tapped it too deep and the tap went sideways. I had to drillpress another set of holes elsewhere and tap them. Parts are...
  6. fodendaf

    Forum display alignment question

    I only have a 17 inch monitor and given that I sit 4-5 feet away from it I always enlarge the text a bit. My problem is that when I am in a regular thread I have to move the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen to the center each time I enter a thread. This aligns the text in the coloured...
  7. fodendaf

    valve amp electrocution question

    hi all. the relay in this amp seems to be corroded as the receive drops out occasionally and seeing as how I've often been warned of the high voltage in these i wonder could anyone mark on an image where to discharge the high voltage with a screwdriver on this amp. i need to pull the valve to...
  8. fodendaf

    Spark gap transmiiter porn

    Vintage ham radio projects
  9. fodendaf

    Foam Adventure video with subtitles

    Foam Adventure.flv - YouTube
  10. fodendaf

    double your lifespan

    Chronic Buckyball Administration Doubles Rat Lifespan (?) : science Chronic Buckyball Administration Doubles Rat Lifespan with 1.7mg/kg bodyweight carbon-60 in olive oil orally per day.
  11. fodendaf


    testing^can not stand it^
  12. fodendaf

    need rci 2970 (nondx) internal picture.

    specifically i am looking for where the two hookup wires for the linear relay hook up to the radio thru-hole pcb. A galaxy saturn turbo picture might do instead.
  13. fodendaf

    unknown notification

    WorldwideDX Amateur Radio Forums Welcome, fodendaf. You last visited: 02-08-2012 at 06:27 PM Your Notifications: 1 i get this text at the top of my screen when i log in but i have searched through all the threads i have started and every heading on the usercp page and i cannot find what...
  14. fodendaf

    kenwood ts480 rs232 cable wiring check?

    i engineered a 9 pin serial cable with all pins in parallel ie pin 1 on one db9 to pin 1 on the other db9 db9-db9 1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 9-9 ground-ground i thinks it's right but wanted to be sure. the manual says between comp and radio calls for a straight thru cable but...
  15. fodendaf


    How to make a vacuum tube - Hack a Day
  16. fodendaf

    Yota's church warning.

    Beautiful flower pictures to brighten your day on Webshots
  17. fodendaf

    speaker swr?

    If i use a 4ohm spkr on an 8ohm radio will the audio chips see a high swr or should i use two 4ohm spkrs in series
  18. fodendaf

    TS 480 Service Menu

    Do u know how to get service mode on the ts480 without the kenwood dongle
  19. fodendaf


    I can't post in swapshop
  20. fodendaf

    PTBM121D4X ampower vr?

    I just read through rick jackson's manual and the ham international one and its not clearly labelled on either?. all the sites on the net are confusing it with the A4X board and the modulation depth pot? I changed the final to 2sc2078 and I need to back down the power. I have found the alc...