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    Forum is quiet, dang

    I cannot get over how dang slow this forum has become since I last was active. Where is all the action nowadays? Dang. as always, bomb diggity. I miss @bob85
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    Elkin 8 tube mobile

    I am being given a (supposed) working 8 tube Elkin mobile amplifier. It is complete except for the remote that controls its functions. It has a 8 pin plug. Any body have any documentation or Information about its operation, wiring, anything? Any fond memories? Stories? Any help would be...
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    Rack Mount Face mobile radio chassis

    I seem to recall some time ago on ebay a seller with rack mount faces that had rectangular holes cut in them to fit common cb radios or maybe it was just some standard chassis or something. Really thought they were to mount mobile radios in racks.. I cant seem to locate them, Any help is...
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    Plate chokes. Who you gonna call?

    I had always wanted to order a peter dahl plate choke but when they sold to harbach that ended. Jeff has no intentions right now to start making plate chokes. Who would you call tomorrow if you wanted a plate choke custom made in the 4 amp range? Obviously I want a reputable company that can...
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    AADE LC Meter

    All, I just wanted to share with you my personal experience with this handy handy tool. Priced at $129 it cannot be beat, not even by MUCH more expensive meters. I hesitated on buying this meter for years, instead relying on my other favorite tool my MFJ-259B. I would use the MFJ with the...
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    Transformer mfgs.

    having built an amp or two I have had the need to purchase various transformers, mostly all custom, in years past. my first call was always to PW Dahl and also to MAGCAP. Since PWD is gone I have had nothing but excellent experiences with the topnotch service and parts I get from HARBACH...
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    Cheapie analyzers

    ebay item number 120445284086 120445284086 are these the ones they sweep off the floor at the MFJ factory? Im tempted to buy one just to see if they work well. Antenna ANALYZER HF 1.5 -30 Mhz , COAX , Impedance - eBay (item 120445284086 end time Jul-17-09 02:50:13 PDT)
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    High Impedance devices and long wires

    Hams typically use long wire type antennas that folks tell me have an impedance of sometimes 1000 ohms etc. If you have a High Impedance device , like a vacuum tube thats output is at lets say 1700 ohms, why cant you make a transmitter or amplifier with no lc circuit on the output , feed the...
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    360 ft. wire antenna 22db gain?

    I remember reading on some internet site about some end fed wire antenna that was around 360 ft. long and it showed 22db gain. Some hamster's site. Does this ring a bell with anybody? Id really like top find it again.
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    Boomhauer antennas

    I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to radio. Folks who know me see me buy all types of equipment, experiment with different setups etc all looking for the final say, the best of the best and only then do I implement it in my setups. My recent search has been for an antenna...
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    Astatic Echo Board

    Anyone have one of these? I was thinking about buying one and wondered if they sound nice. I do NOT want that turbo echo with the endless repeat etc etc. I hate those... Does the astatic board have the nice little angle mounts to mount it in the radio?
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    Uniden 68xl and 68 elite

    anybody have the tune up info, mod limiter location, mod pot, bias power etc etc.
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    Difference between ham amps and cb amps

    you pay all this money for a 1500 ameritron and you get a buzz? YouTube - buzzing al 1500 YouTube - 3CX1500A7 PROJECT Finish wizard built special part #2 I dont hear any buzzing there...
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    Stryker SR-65SB noise cancelling mic-REVIEW

    I was at customcbradios.com the other day looking at some pics and I saw the review for the new Stryker SR-65SB noise canceling mic. I am always on the lookout for a good noise canceling mic since my truck has about 11 fans/blowers etc and I really need something to cut the noise down. I was...
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    cobra 29 peaked and tuned specs

    http://www.angelfire.com/dodgem250/forsalepics.html down a ways I see a 29 for sale... Peaked and Tuned AM Power 2.5 watt DK / 35 Watt Swing 100%+ Modulation - No distortion :drool:
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    Full wave antennas for CB

    Has anyone other than myself tried this? YEARS ans YEARS ago I made a full wave wave dipole for 11m. I had it horizontal about 12 ft. off the ground and just about stretched across the yard suspended from pcv insulators from tree branches made of solid #10awg. it had a high swr with no...
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    Slim Jim for 11m

    Has anyone ever attempted to make a slim jim for 11m? I know at 26 ft its kinda big but has it ever been done?
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    my flickr acct

    Flickr: linearone's Photostream enjoy
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    LINEAR ONE Mobile & Base pics

    http://www.worldwidedx.com/members/linearone-albums-linearone-s-cb-pictures-base-mobile-picture387-linearone-suburban-got-5-alternators-installed-2-output-3-phase-ac-other-3-output-dc.jpg I have 5 alternators installed on my suburban to power my mobile station...
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    Posting here

    so I guess its ok now since everyoe else is doing it to post all types of pics and questions etc about cb amps here... Imean , no one else seems to have gotten a nasty gram about it.