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  1. Big Kahuna

    Base New Imax wont tune 11m....this sucks

    The extension goes between the top section and section below it.
  2. Big Kahuna

    Base New Imax wont tune 11m....this sucks

    Yes it would make sense for them to do that, no idea why they haven’t made it available. I was sent one of the extensions from the factory to test and they work as expected.
  3. Big Kahuna

    Base New Imax wont tune 11m....this sucks

    Just to be clear, the max 2000 aka imax 2000 is still made at the same factory it’s been made at for the last 20 years regardless of who now owns the company/rights. Yes they messed with the length and now you need the extension piece to get a low SWR on the cb band but build quality etc should...
  4. Big Kahuna

    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    Guessing others have been in the radio before as some of the settings didn’t seem stock. Going to talk with Kens Electronics tomorrow about parts. Really cool radio, does take a couple of minutes to warm up on freq from power on but has good audio on AM and SSB with stock microphone.
  5. Big Kahuna

    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    Yeah it's the PB 010 and the coil is L37 - but I saw it referenced on one DX alignment as L26 and elsewhere as L37. I thought maybe the L26 was the last 148 DX model but that the part would be the same. No service manual for the Richard as far as I can tell so was having to guess based on the...
  6. Big Kahuna

    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    Can’t find a parts list but would guess it has to be out of a 148 gtl DX, Richard, or Superstar 360FM. Thank you though.
  7. Big Kahuna

    President Richard Export (Cobra 148GTL DX) - need a tuning can

    Was doing an alignment and had a weird thing happen. First time I’ve ever experienced this. Put my plastic tuning tool in the notch to adjust and the top bit of the inside plastic slug just fell apart. I was gentle as always but first time I’ve ever had that happen after 30 years of messing with...
  8. Big Kahuna

    FS: President McKinley Export

    Is this still available?
  9. Big Kahuna

    New Italy's Collinear Antenna for 27 mhz 10,40 meter lenght

    You've probably already seen these assembly videos. Turn on Closed Captioning then go to setting and turn on auto translate and you get english subtitles.
  10. Big Kahuna

    FS: President Richard (Uniden PB-010)

    Just wanted to say Guy Martin was quick to respond, quick to ship, and item was exactly as described. Great seller to deal with. Thank you!
  11. Big Kahuna

    Palomar 300a 450W Amplifier

    Check the post date - you're 6 years too late.
  12. Big Kahuna

    Uniden 810e parts radio

    Gone - delete
  13. Big Kahuna

    Uniden 810e parts radio

    If anyone needs parts let me know. Wires and ribbons are cut but looks like most parts are there. Faceplate and knobs look to be in ok shape.
  14. Big Kahuna

    Need help with President McKinley Microphone issue

    I was told the newer microphones had a silt in them from the factory? I seem to remember the original didn't and that's why I drilled mine out.
  15. Big Kahuna

    Alinco DR-135

    Powers up and transmits into a dummy load full power. I don’t have a 2 meter antenna right now but assume it’s working. Comes with box, bracket, super long power cord, and some mounting hardware and accessory cords. $85 shipped - paypal only
  16. Big Kahuna

    Radios and equipment for sale

    Info and prices on President George radios?
  17. Big Kahuna

    Predator 10k competition any good?

    Good antennas - as far as performance there isn't a huge difference between the 10K, MM and others. It's really more about build quality between them and tuning. A Sirio 5000 does just about as good as a 10K which does just about as good as a 102" whip. I did a lot of testing and yes there is...
  18. Big Kahuna

    WTB - Galaxy Expander "N" kit

    Yeah I have to get the module from Troys along with some extra instruction help and then I'll attempt it. I sent Troys a 148 that they are going to use for a step by step video which should be a game changer for those doing it themselves.