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  1. jdchet

    Volvo VNL mid roof

    I decided to try something different on the new Volvo VNL mid roof that I just had assigned. We'll see how it works out! JD
  2. jdchet

    DX Engineering

    After living out here in the Buckeye for almost 5 years I finally walked into DX Engineering in Talmadge, Oh. yesterday! With all the China Virus restrictions over the last 2 years the store usually wasn't staffed. Well I needed some coax so I decided to go and check out the store. First you...
  3. jdchet

    Field Strength Meter

    I feel the need to buy a Field Strength meter. I'm going to try something a little different, than in the past, with the new truck antenna install. Do those cheap Astatic SWR/Field Strength meters work okay or do we need to spend some serious coin on a meter. This would just be for my own...
  4. jdchet

    Skipshooter Antenna Nail Rust!

    Is there a solution to the rusting problem with the adjusting nail on a Skipshooter antenna? JD
  5. jdchet

    Watt meter

    I'm looking for recommendations for a reasonably priced (under $150) peak reading watt meter. If a decent one exists at that price point. Thank you. JD
  6. jdchet

    11 Meter Forum Call Channel

    I remember back in the early (Charger383) days of this forum we used to use 27.475LSB as a forum call channel. Is there a reason that fell by the wayside? That was 2 skip cycles ago and there was a boatload of forum members and others on it all day long. I was nice to get away from the "SSB...
  7. jdchet

    Stryker 955 Redesign.

    I've seen some internet posts about a redesign of the 955. Anyone know anything about this? JD
  8. jdchet


    Been fighting noise from the fridge and inverter for quite a while now. It really helps if you put the big toroid ring in the right spot! Went from S5-6 to S1! JD is a dumb arse..... JD
  9. jdchet

    Make Your Own Conditions!

  10. jdchet

    I Want My Truck back!

    Alas...........my assigned truck is in the shop again! This means no radio fun and tweaking the installation fun and headaches for me. The spare truck I'm in doesn't even have a reasonable antenna system that I would trust with my box stock PC76! Driving me nuts! Adding insult to...
  11. jdchet

    Don't Pull the Trigger!!!! Anytone 6666

    Saw this on Fleabay this morning............ https://www.ebay.com/itm/CB-Radio-ANYTONE-AT-6666-28-000-29-699Mhz-40CH-AT6666-AM-FM-SSB-10-Meter-Radio/392998747567?hash=item5b808cfdaf:g:qO4AAOSw-iZcB0U0 Check out the shipping!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! JD
  12. jdchet

    RigExpert AA35

    Now I get to really confuse myself! Wish me luck! JD
  13. jdchet


  14. jdchet

    HR2600 For Sale

    I have a Doc's tuned HR2600 for sale. It has had larger final installed along with cooling fan, clarifier is opened up, ext speaker jack, etc. This is a real nice talking radio. Condition is good with a couple of scratches and scuffs but nothing out of the ordinary considering it's age. Will...
  15. jdchet

    Just checking!

    Just checking............
  16. jdchet


    Again, I feel that maybe I'm missing the point of "The Worldwide Radio Forum". I thought coming in here would be to talk about and discuss things about radio and radio related topics. Seems there are a few lost souls who don't get it! For example I will quote what this forum is all about(see...
  17. jdchet


    LoneWolfTN...........now here's a guy any American citizen would really want guarding their back! As soon as something in this country goes awry, this guy sees a great plan by the gov't to heard the masses to concentration camps and treat them like the cattle they really are! So we should all...
  18. jdchet

    Superstar 121

    Anyone have any experience and/or opinion about these radios?<img src=http://www.wwdx.org/smilies/posticon60.gif ALT=":60"> A friend needs an inexpensive radio that does have the upper and lower channels.<img src=http://www.wwdx.org/smilies/posticon36.gif ALT=":36"> Will it hold up in a big...
  19. jdchet

    BEST 2970 tech?

    Richard at 8451 tuned up a 2950DX for me last year and did a fine job at a decent price! I think you'll be happy if you use him! Give him a call! JD<img src=http://www.wwdx.org/smilies/posticon21.gif ALT=":21"> </p>Edited by: <A...