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    Two Tube No Name Amplifier

    Good evening, do anyone on the forum know any tech that works on tube amplifiers, preferably a mobile unit. I received this unit in a trade. It has power wiring coming out the back but no connectors. And the screws are missing out of the cabinet. They said it worked but I need someone to go...
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    Base Refurbishing a Base Antenna

    Do anyone know of any tech that refurbish base antenna to working condition? I have an Avanti Astroplane that has a slit where it shouldnt be in the tubing. I have had this antenna for over 10 years and pulled it out of the box. It needs a working over if that's possible. Any suggestions?
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    Tram Corsair 23 Channel AM SSB CB Radio

    I purchased a Tram Corsair 23 Channel AM SSB CB Radio several years ago off of ebay as a repair/restoration project. I purchased this radio without a microphone. Not sure what microphone would wire up to this radio. It has a head phone type jack for the area where a mike goes. I have several...