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  1. codeman

    My other money pit

    I have spent a small fortune on radios and all the related parts and pieces that goes with it. I neglected my old car, so before it turned into a pile of rust I decided to get my old Chevy going again. I already have spent a good amount on it before, then things got rough money wise and buying...
  2. codeman

    Passive or Powered Monitor Speakers?

    I am looking to upgrade from my Cobra high gear external speaker to something with better sound. I see people use center channel speakers with good results. I am looking at a pair of monitor speakers for my radios. I have a Yaesu 991a, a Ranger rg-99, plus my Magnum S45. My question is do I...
  3. codeman

    Where do you get good jumpers?

    I seem to have problems getting good coax jumpers. Last time I bought some expensive ones and I'm not sure they are any better then truckstop jumpers. I need some that can handle 500 watts. I am careful not to get them in a pinch or bind. But I notice my recieve going in and out and when I...
  4. codeman

    Where are Megawatts power supplies?

    Looking for another megawatt power supply. I have a 36 amp model and it is going strong after three years. I bought it through Amazon. I would like to buy another one for a backup or maybe a 50 amp to replace my current one and put the 36 amp on the shelf for a backup. I see the megawatt website...
  5. codeman

    Get your bid in

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Xtreme-2018-RF-Limited-Digital-Echo-Power-Mic-/224271987143?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Wish I would have bought 10 of these when they were in production. I have two of these microphones an old one I bought several years ago and one I bought last year. At least I...
  6. codeman

    Smokin' Joe's

    Mike Houston (Smokin' Joe) passed away from a heart attack yesterday. I Just posted to let you any of you guys who may care to know. Not to start any kind of debate or arguments about cb shop and all the bs that usually goes on when you mention a cb shop. I will say, I dealt with him once...
  7. codeman

    Extreme 2018 Microphone...get one while you can

    It looks like just about everyone is out of the RF limited 2018 Mics. I somehow misplaced the one I had been using after changing trucks. I'm hoping I stashed it somewhere safe hahaha. Anyhow I still have one from years ago that has seen its better days, so I looked into buying a new one. The...
  8. codeman

    Thoughts on Tecsun 660

    Thinking about getting one of these receivers so I can listen to shortwave radio and ham bands. It would be for casual use. Anyone have any experience with one of these radios? From what I can find the radio seems to fit what i am looking for.
  9. codeman

    Lincoln 2 receive overload

    I have a President Lincoln2 that i like as as far as features and transmit goes....however the receive on this radio is way too sensitive. Powerful stations on sideband sound distorted. I get way too much bleed over on sideband even from AM frequencies far from the ones I am using. Is this...
  10. codeman

    Replacement Mike for magnum S45

    Anybody know where I might be able to find a a stock mike for my Magnum s45. Or if not what would be a good choice for a clean non noise cancelling mike? I have searched online but can't find a stock mike anywhere. I really like the stock mike when I am not using the radio in the mobile. I have...
  11. codeman

    Lincoln ii 4 pin adapter

    Will the 6 pin to 4 pin Uniden 980 adapter work on the President Lincoln? I am wanting to use a noise cancelling Mic when I am using the radio mobile, I plan on trying out either my Astatic 636 or Ranger SRA 198. Thanks
  12. codeman

    TVI filter

    I live in a townhouse with a small patio where I have my antenna. Either a inverted v or a horizontal dipole made from two 4 foot fiberglass antennas. I use them at only about 10-12 feet high. Of course there are HOA restrictions here so I an trying to be stealthy as possible. I have had luck...
  13. codeman

    Mounting antenna bracket to pickup

    I have been using a Wilson 1000 mag mount on my pickup, which works fine. However it is too tall for my carport. I want to use a 4 or 5 foot top loaded fiberglass antenna. I have an aluminum toolbox, would it be ok to just use one of the antenna brackets made for mirrors on semis? I could drill...
  14. codeman

    Scratchy microphone

    So I bought a astatic red devil Mic and had it wired for my old uniden grant radio, I didn't have the Mic very long before it started scratching when I key or unkey the radio. How can I get rid of this problem? I'm ready to toss that mic. Other then the scratchy sound I get told the audio is...
  15. codeman

    Galaxy 99v2 drift or no drift on SSB?

    Looking at getting a radio with sideband that will fit in the cubby hole of a 2015 Freightliner Coronado. I think the 99v2 will fit. I like it's power output, just wondering if these are better then the 959s as far as drift goes. From what I have read on a couple of reviews they are pretty...
  16. codeman

    What happened to RF Limited?

    Just wondering if RF is out of business or what. I know they have the Magnum1 out but that's it. I know that their RFX modules were popular as well as their radios. I was really hoping they were going to come out with a better and improved version of the S45 or 257 radios. I have used their...
  17. codeman

    Got a old Uniden Grant

    I bought this radio the other day. I've been looking around for an older ssb radio for a while so now I got one. I didn't know it when I bought the radio but it has some extra channels via the brite/dim switch and channel 9 switch. I get good reports on sideband and have made several DX...
  18. codeman

    Optimal height for inverted V

    I have used my dipole hung horizontally or in a sloper configuration from about 8 to about 12 foot high but I'm thinking about running it as a inverted V on a painter's pole front about 20 foot tall. I am looking for mostly dx contacts but would like to be able to talk to base stations on...
  19. codeman

    Galaxy 959 Questions

    I heard a quite lengthy QSO between a guy in California and the other guy in New York the other day, I am in Texas. Anyhow the guy in New York went by 063 and his radio sounded really good. It sounded just as good as a guy's RCI 2970 I had talked to earlier.He said he was talking on a Galaxy...
  20. codeman

    Coax length for wire dipole

    Is there any certain length for coax running to a wire dipole? I am going to mount the dipole in an inverted V from a 20' painters pole. I have tried the dipole about 8-10' feet off the ground and would use a couple of 18 footers with a barrel connection and actually had decent results. But I...