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  1. purenrg

    galaxy 99v2

    That alone is enough for me to move on, That's why I went w/Stryker, not trying 2/B a pip, but Damn that is a no brainier Duh.
  2. purenrg

    Tuning 102" Whip?

    It's not changing the swr at the feed point by using a 1/2 wave multiples ,but when using a 1/4 wave length you are causing a impedance transformer and thus cause a false reading of the feed point.
  3. purenrg

    Tuning 102" Whip?

    I ? I'm using the term stub as that of a loading devise, to obtain a match.
  4. purenrg

    Tuning 102" Whip?

    Why would you need to do this w/a 102" whip ? You would only need to do this, if you were moving away from the current range of frequency's to a different range of frequency's, and still using the same antenna length whip?
  5. purenrg

    Tuning 102" Whip?

    Marconi, I cant believe your asking this ? How have you ever tuned a antenna with out knowing what was at the feed point, without using the 1/2 wave method ?:confused:
  6. purenrg

    Which "High Power" radio

    That is a good question, i have always wonder about that radio myself. As far as the Trc 465, I have one, but the receive sucks in AM and only does about 80% modulation AM. It's too much old school for me.
  7. purenrg

    Astatic D104M6B

    They are showing the old mic logo, wonder if it's old stock? I doubt it, a lot of these sellers use the old logo pic's to sell this new China made junk. Be sure to ask first!
  8. purenrg

    Opinion on Copper.com's "expand, align and tune"

    Thanks you'll for bringing this out,sad, truly sad!!!
  9. purenrg

    so.. I tried the npc

    Yea, I bet they can hear you just as well on the next channel up or down from the one your tx'ing on?
  10. purenrg


    How many years did you say you've been on the radio again?:pop:
  11. purenrg

    sra-158 vs astatic 636l

    Hell, buy both and see for yourself it's not that much to invest, you may be surprised that the stock mic matches you voice better than the Astatic.:whistle:
  12. purenrg

    Whip it good

    Why would anyone modulate while checking there Swr? Harmonics has nothing to do with a dead key.
  13. purenrg

    Does echo do anything for transmit?

    If used in the proper way as a audio enhancer, like stacking multi tracks on a music track, have you ever listen to any eastern music it's some what hypnotic in moderation with the rite amount of echo.
  14. purenrg

    true output 949/galaxy

    A BS watt
  15. purenrg

    Dosy Test Equipment

    Dosy needs to build a true pep circuit in their meters at least one !!!
  16. purenrg

    New 2950.

    If you blow a 5A fuse, stop rite there,:scared: before you regreat it. A 5A is way more than enough for a 2950!
  17. purenrg

    The 2950 vs the paradynamics swr meter

    That whole meter sux's !!!!!!!!!!! I have the old 2970 and It just sucks!
  18. purenrg

    CRC Contact Cleaner

    Believe it or not simple-green works also I have used it on TV boards, just rinse off with water and let dry, works great!!!
  19. purenrg

    Why would this be done? Galaxy DX 88HL

    Numbers? OP? how much?