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  1. purenrg

    Ranger SR-158 & ranger 2970/2950 mic

    Is the Ranger sr-158 mic the same internally as the Ranger 2950/2970 mic excluding the channel up & down buttons?
  2. purenrg

    Watergate recorder

    Has anyone had one of these Workman MW-Rec-4 recorders? Just wondering if these are any good?
  3. purenrg

    dx99v signal meter

    My meter is not falling back until I give the radio a thump with my finger under radio. Are these meters known to go bad, this radio was made around mid 90's On transmit there is no needle movement, but mod. light does come on. Does this sound like just a meter replacement?
  4. purenrg

    RF limited UTB-1 Board in galaxy 99v

    Anyone have any luck using this board in this radio? My reason for asking is I'm getting all kinds of squeal with my D104m6 Mic with factory talk back.
  5. purenrg

    steel tube prices

    I have a Al1500 I bought about 10yrs ago, the price of a 3cx1500/8877 tube was $500 now they are around $1500. What has caused this insane price increase.:confused1:
  6. purenrg

    rci 2950/2970 internal talk back

    Is there anyone with this mod in there radio? This mod calls for the removal of D78, or removing of one leg of D78 going to a switch on this to ground. so talk back can be turned off and back on as needed. Just wondering if this is the best way to go? Or to use echo board w/talk back in it...
  7. purenrg

    Does anyone have one

    I was thinking about getting one of the lighting 8 quad beams from Signal Engineering. Does anyone have any pic's of this antenna setup? And how well does it work?
  8. purenrg

    Texas star sweet 16 vs Messenger 1200

    As for comparison of the two, does anyone have any suggestions on witch would be the right choice?