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  1. napjerk

    Help with another crusty old unknown amp, VJ Boomer RX-50

    Hi, here's another amp I recently bought in a big box of CB stuff. Can't find much information on it, seems to be from the 70's or 80's. It's a V-J Boomer RX-50, according to the faceplate, 2 pill amp. Puts out right at 100W on my cheap power meter. Has a label on the side that says do not...
  2. napjerk

    Help ID/specs this obscure amp? Palomar TX-300

    Hi everyone. I recently got this amp in a lot of radios/etc that I purchased. I can't find any real specs or info on it anywhere online. It appears to be an old (1980s?) 2 pill Palomar TX-300 but there's nothing I can find online about it. It has full heatsink fins on 3 sides, not just the...