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  1. Rabbid Possum

    Tripod mounted portable HF antennas

    Looking at tripod mounted portable HF antennas. What would you recommend? Sticking with tripod mounted due to some areas of operation I will not be around any trees.
  2. Rabbid Possum

    Getting the ticket

    Well after several years, and a hectic work schedule I have decided to spend a few hours a day studying for my technician license. Planning to test at the Huntsville Ham Fest the weekend of the 20th!
  3. Rabbid Possum

    FS: RCI 2970N4

    RCI2970N4 radio, external fan and external speaker only. $700 shipped. Comes with Road Devil power mic as well. Have over $900 in this radio. Brand new, pulled put of box and sat on desk and decided to go a different route for my radio project. Does 470 watts on AM and 450 on side band. Also had...
  4. Rabbid Possum

    What have you done today to be prepared?

    What have you done today to be prepared? We have been canning. So far we have put up tomato juice, pasta sauce, smoked pasta sauce, sweet salsa, spicy salsa, pickled jalapenos, pickled okra, pickled green beans, and pickled cauliflower. Still got plenty of more things to can and put up to be...
  5. Rabbid Possum

    Base Antenna

    Going to be putting in a 40 foot antenna mast. What antenna would you recommend for some skip shooting?
  6. Rabbid Possum

    Rabbid Base Station

    I still have to put it all together, and buy a few last things, but wanted to go ahead and start this post so once I get it complete all I have to do is add pictures. Was gifted a Uniden 980 as well as a I believe its called a ProComm antenna. Will be using my dog kennel to mount the fiberglass...
  7. Rabbid Possum

    Best base antenna for rental house

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a base antenna for a rental house? Unfortunately since I am renting and hope to buy some land and build within the next 1 to 2 years I can't do a tower. Was thinking I could use my dog kennel to mount to possibly? Any help is greatly appreciated as I am a...
  8. Rabbid Possum

    Anytone AT 6666

    Just purchased an Anytone AT 6666, and it will be arriving tomorrow. Will be installing it in my truck. Radio will be wired directly to battery. Anyone have any suggestions for some future mods? Also anyone have any tips or tricks for this radio? Currently running a Wilson 5000 mag mount...
  9. Rabbid Possum

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I am a complete newbie to this hobby, and wanting to learn as much as I can. Can you use noise cancelling headphones with a CB? Would I just need to find a 3.5mm female to 4 pin adapter? I know this is probably a stupid question but trying to learn as much as I can