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  1. cruiser

    Imax Installed

    That is basically the same as what I have for a base set up, but mine is like 70 feet away from power lines. Don't think I would want my antenna that close to them.
  2. cruiser

    World Wide DX Net this sat??

    I have to work during the day Saturday, but I will give it a try Saturday evening on 11m.
  3. cruiser

    CB Radio Club

    I was a member of the cb radio club & was surprised that they had suddenly shut down. Glad this forum is still here.
  4. cruiser

    What Is Your Handle # & Location

    cruiser #306 Mclouth, Kansas
  5. cruiser

    Base or Mobile or both?

    I run both a base & a mobile, but use the base more.
  6. cruiser

    My ham junk

    Nice setup.
  7. cruiser


    Very nice setup & welcome to the forum.
  8. cruiser

    Uniden bc 980 ssb radio

    Has anyone heard when the new Uniden bc 980 ssb radio will become available?
  9. cruiser

    What Is Your Handle # & Location

    Im cruiser, McLouth Kansas.