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  1. Singularity35

    VX7 Japan Version Mars Mod

    Hey guys, is there any way to do a MARS mod on a Japanese version VX7? Thanks in advance.
  2. Singularity35

    Participation Award

    I posted some time ago about getting awards only because there was no one else in the same category or overlay or whatever it's called. I kind of looked down on being proud of an award like that. Hahaha until I got one. Whatever this certificate means.
  3. Singularity35

    FT-991 MARS mod?

    I need help again masters, is there an MARS mod for the FT-991? Thanks in advance.
  4. Singularity35

    Antenna Modeling Question

    Greetings gurus. I need help again and I hope this is the right place to ask. Please move if this is the wrong place. I have been messing with MMANA-GAL and for the life of me, I can't find how to model the feedline. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Singularity35

    Winning awards without competition

    What do you guys think of getting an award in a contest because you entered a category with no competition? I personally wouldn't be proud of it. Smells to be almost like cheating.
  6. Singularity35

    Icom IC735 60 meter mod

    Greetings gurus, I am in the Philippines are we have a new band allocation on 60m. Fortunately, we are allowed to work any frequency from 5.351.5 to 5.366.5 without channel restrictions. So here's my question, is there any mod that can be done to my IC735 to make it tx on 60m? Thanks in advance.
  7. Singularity35

    Project: Homebrew tuner

    Yep, with the help of a very kind amateur, I finally got the parts for a tuner. I hope I can make this work. Diagram seems pretty simple. Woohoo! interesting days ahead.
  8. Singularity35

    Long wire question

    I'm needing some input again guys. I am building a go box basically just for field operations and not so much as a prepper and I got an MFJ16010 long wire tuner. What's the best way to set this up? From my research, some people say I don't need a counterpoise and some say I do. Which is...
  9. Singularity35

    Sunspot Cycle

    I have heard of it and I've tried googling but I don't see much that is tied in with the outlook on propagation. Can anybody please explain in dumb guy language whether we will have better propagation in the year or two to come? Thanks in advance.
  10. Singularity35

    135 foot doublet with legs at right angles...

    What kind of performance should I expect if I put up my 135 foot doublet with the apex at around 50 feet above ground in a kind of inverted V config and with the legs are around 90 degrees to each other instead of straight? Should I just forget it or would it be worth my while? Thanks in advance.
  11. Singularity35

    Oh Yah! :D

    Three months after I passed I have my Class A ticket now... I had to have someone fetch it from the NTC office since they've been procrastinating on mailing it to me but yeh, I have it now. :D
  12. Singularity35

    After over a month...

    The NTC(our FCC) finally posted the results of our Class A exams. So yes, I passed. Yippee!
  13. Singularity35

    RM Italy KL400 on CW

    Hey guys, I need help. I have gotten my hands on a KL400. Would it be possible to use it on CW since there are only 2 settings on mode? All I see is SSB and AM. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  14. Singularity35

    Just trying my hand at this...

    So our little group ordered these kits from that auction site..
  15. Singularity35

    Iambic paddle help please

    Hey guys, I got an mfj 564 iambic paddle and I can't make it work on my FT857D. I made sure there was continuity and no shorts on my wire. I even tried to just plug it in the jack and turned on the keyer. When I touched the contacts, I got the corresponding dits and dahs but when I wire the...
  16. Singularity35

    What amp?

    Does anybody recognize this amp? What band does it work on? Thanks in advance.
  17. Singularity35

    Doublet input needed please

    Hey antenna gurus, I'm asking for your help again. I'm planning to throw up a doublet cut at around 130 feet total length and fed with 300 ohm twin lead(tv antenna wire) directly into an mfj949e. I have two questions. First, would it be better if I use a 4:1 balun on the feedline and not...
  18. Singularity35

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! de DW7DVE
  19. Singularity35

    Random wire question

    Hey guys, I need your help again. We are moving house once again. I may not be able to immediately put up an antenna where we're going but as a crazy ham, I'd still want to get on air as soon as possible. I'm thinking random wire into my tuner. 40 meters is where I want to operate in. How long...
  20. Singularity35

    Took my general class exams...

    A year after getting my tech, I finally took my general class exams. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the results which in our neck of the woods will take a month. I'd like to pass in on the first try since exams are only once a year in our place. I hope to pass so I can operate on 20 meters. :D