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  1. KQ9U

    Request change in my User Name

    My call sign has been changed to KQ9U. ULS License - Vanity License - KQ9U - Danley, John W Thanks, John
  2. KQ9U

    I noticed that the FTC upgraded my license today

    Now I can search for a vanity callsign.:w00t:
  3. KQ9U

    I took the Exam for Extra class this evening

    And I passed it. <More audio> With the government shutdown it will probably be a while before it is announced though.
  4. KQ9U

    Need help selecting a HT

    I'm hoping to buy one under $200. I primarily want 2 meter. UHF would be nice but not necessary. My main concern is operating range. I would like to be able to use it while in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan while camping and on ATV rides. I have no experience in HT and would like some...
  5. KQ9U

    Antenna restriction

    I've talked to the HOA and have gotten permission to erect a tower up to 40' but I'm limited on the type of antenna. I can't put up any kind of beam or similar large antenna. I'm pretty much restricted to a straight vertical type antenna. What would be a good choice for a HF antenna at 40'...
  6. KQ9U

    Question about making a dipole antenna

    Can I tune it for length about 5-10 feet above ground? I was just wondering if I could do that instead of having to put the antenna up and taking it down several down to obtain the right length.
  7. KQ9U

    I went to take the exam for General but it was cancelled

    I drove about 50 miles to take the General exam tonight but when I got there it was cancelled. One VE showed up and 4 other people to take a test. It seems the club got kicked out of the Emergency Management office space they were using. :cursing: So I'm going to drive to another town...
  8. KQ9U

    I'm wanting an antenna switch

    Has anyone used a Jetstream CO201 antenna switch? I was wondering if there is something to be aware of because it's quite a bit less expensive than some others. Jetstream Antenna Switch Thanks, John
  9. KQ9U

    Question about my new power supply

    I bought an Astron RS-35M power supply. I hooked it up and I checked the voltage and it is putting out 13.9 volts instead of 13.8. I suppose that's OK isn't it?
  10. KQ9U

    I've got my first rig up and working

    I have my J Pole antenna in the attic leaning against the rafters. It's too tall to stand upright. And too slick on the roof to install it correctly. I've talked with several other hams and they say I'm coming in good and clear. I've still got to figure out how to save the frequencies that...
  11. KQ9U

    I received my callsign and my radio arrived...

    It's a Yaesu FT07800R. It came with the kit so you can remove the front and put the radio in the trunk of your car. But I won't be needing to do that. And I'll mostly be using it as a base. And I checked and my callsign was posted. It is KC9TLE
  12. KQ9U

    Question about coax

    My Yaesu FT-7900R is supposed to be delivered today. And My Arrow J Pole antenna is also supposed to arrive today. But my cable I ordered probably won't arrive for several days. Would it be safe for me to check out my new radio with a piece of RG-58? I have a short piece of RG-58 that I...
  13. KQ9U

    SWR meter - any recommendations?

    I just passed my technician test, and waiting on my call sign. And I've got a Yaesu FT-7900R ordered and on the way. And I ordered an Arrow J Pole antenna, and it's on its way, along with some LMR-400 cable. What's a bottom line SWR meter for me? At this time I don't want to have to spend...
  14. KQ9U

    Request someone advise me on coax adapters

    I'm getting a YAESU FT-7900R transceiver. I read somewhere that it has an N Connector for the antenna. Does anyone know if that is correct? I'll be connecting it to an Arrow OSJ 146/440 antenna. The website states that it has a SO239 connector. If I buy a coax that already has N...
  15. KQ9U

    Well, I made a decision on my first transceiver

    Well, right or wrong, I made a decision and ordered a Yaesu FT-7900R 2 Meter / 70 cm Dual Band FM Mobile Transceiver. I talked to a local guy I know pretty well who is an old time ham. He thought a dual band 2 meter/ 70 cm would be a good choice for now. So I ordered the radio from...
  16. KQ9U

    What is a good transceiver for a person when they get their first license?

    I'm thinking ahead so I can dream. :D I think I'm coming along pretty good in the studying. I'm getting high 80s and 90s in most of the practice tests at QRZ.COM. I hope to be able to take my test in January. And I'm trying to save up some money in order to buy something after I pass...
  17. KQ9U

    Hi, I'm new in this forum

    I don't have a license yet. I plan on studying to take the test as a beginner. I ordered a Now You're Talking! All You Need to Get Your First Amateur Radio License, Fifth Edition from Amazon.com. And I expect to receive it in a few days. Is that a decent way to study up for the test...