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  1. Rick330man

    Walkie Talkie Base Station

    Anyone using a walkie talkie as their base unit? The Cherokee AH-100 in my photo frequently gets used in that capacity with a little Radio Shack headphone mic set. I've also used my Realistic TRC 234s, 226s and 216s as base units. I've got an old Turner +3 base mic wired up so that I can plug...
  2. Rick330man

    CB/11 meter nets

    Every so often someone will post about a net in their area. I thought it would be helpful if operators listed the nets in their area, the call in times and the frequency(ies) they are on. As propagation characteristics get better all the way to 2025, there ought to be some great opportunities...
  3. Rick330man

    Reclaim LSB 16

    This is a new effort to reinvigorate an old theme. Some of you will recall the pre-40 channel days. Back then, the unofficial SSB hailing frequency was LSB 16. LSB 38 has taken over since pretty much the day we went to 40 channels, but it gets too crowded. And it isn't too uncommon to have...
  4. Rick330man

    Mobile Tram 3500 Magnetic Mount

    These have been out for a few years now. I am curious as to how they have held up for folks. Mine is only about a year old. Performance wise, I can't complain. It holds its own just fine against my Stryker SR5K and my Wilson 1000. I don't have any experience with the Sirio antennas, so I...
  5. Rick330man

    Labor Day Week-end - LSB 16 revival effort

    Some of you have already seen this idea floated on another thread. I thought I'd go ahead and start a dedicated thread so that everyone on WWDX interested could get the news that we're going to try our LSB 16 revival effort again over the Labor Day week-end. Like our past LSB 16 revival...
  6. Rick330man

    August 10-11 DX Contest - LSB 16

    Binrat has posted that he's looking at setting up a DX contest for the August 10-11 week-end. I suggested that CB should be included. He responded that we would be. If the skip is rolling, you can expect the usual and customary LSB 38 pile up. Anyone interested in continuing the LSB 16...
  7. Rick330man

    LSB 16 Revival Effort - July 20, 2019

    July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It also conveniently falls on a Saturday, so many of us will have the day off. It seems like the perfect celebratory event (and day of the week) to send your signal into the heavens. How about we give the LSB 16 revival effort...
  8. Rick330man

    LSB 16 Revival Effort - July 4th

    July 4th is Independence Day here in the U.S. Many of us will have the day off. How about we give the LSB 16 revival effort another shot then? My recommendation is that folks work around the following hailing schedule: 9:00A.M. eastern/8:00A.M. central/6:00A.M. pacific; 12:00 noon...
  9. Rick330man

    Participate in the June 22-23, 2019 Effort to Revive LSB 16

    A few of us have been working to bring LSB 16 back into the mainstream - mostly as part of an effort to relieve the congestion on LSB 38. Here's what I suggest for our next coordinated effort. Saturday, June 22nd: 9:00A.M. eastern/8:00A.M. central/6:00A.M. pacific; 12:00 noon eastern/11:00A.M...
  10. Rick330man

    Fathers Day Weekend - LSB 16

    The idea of "reclaiming" LSB 16, the original SSB hailing frequency on CB as part of an effort to bring some relief to the LSB 38 pile up has been kicked around here quite a bit. I propose that folks here make an effort this weekend to both monitor and shoot some skip on LSB 16. If operators...
  11. Rick330man

    LSB 38 Relief

    This theme has popped up in various forms at various times on WWDX, but this past Memorial Day Week-end experience made it clear that it is worth addressing again. When the skip is rolling, the 38 LSB logjam is a mess. We need to relieve the congestion. Three suggestions. (1) Someone...
  12. Rick330man

    CB Radio With Superior Noise Suppression

    I'm sticking a CB on my boat, where there is lots of noise generated by the battery charger, the generator and other sources. What stock CB radio has the best noise suppression of them all? Thanks.
  13. Rick330man

    DX Contest to Celebrate Repeal of 250KM Limitation

    The repeal of the 250km limit was long overdue. Should there be a U.S. 11 meter/CB DX contest to celebrate and honor this historic achievement? Maybe over the 4th of July week-end? Just a thought.
  14. Rick330man

    102" Whip Portable Base Antenna Set Up

    I've got this little tri-pod mount with a 3/8" stud. On went a 102" Radio Shack stainless steel whip with a 6" stainless steel spring. For a counter poise, I used two 106" long pieces of copper wire. The SWRs were too high initially - higher on 40 and lower on 1 - so I took off the spring...
  15. Rick330man

    Stryker 5K Magnetic Mount: what's your experience?

    These were supposedly made to compete with the Wilson 5000. They have been out a few years now. I picked one up a little over a year ago and have experimented with it quite a bit with very respectable results. I had to snip a few a segments off of the stinger, but I was able to tune mine to...
  16. Rick330man

    Hustler 2537 - .64 wave ground plane omnidirectional base antenna

    Is anyone using this for their 11 meter CB base antenna? I remember them having a bit of a loyal following among the CB crowd 30 years ago or so. I was surprised to see that they are still around, but being sold as a 10 or 12 meter band antenna - kind of like the Super Penetrator, the...
  17. Rick330man

    Florida - What city are you in; what are the active local channels

    I've seen many posts discussing how little radio traffic some of us have around us. Here in the lower Florida Keys, CB is pretty much dead quiet. A few boaters - myself included - use CB to communicate from house to boat. Other than that, not much else. We get a fair amount of channel 19...