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  1. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I ordered the MFJ 10 meter moxon beam from HRO. I have it assembled and I cannot get a better SWR reading than 1.4 at 28.5 MHz. At 28.0 MHz it is 2.2. At 29.5 MHz it is 2.5. The measurements were taken at 12 and 22 feet above ground. No change of SWR results at either height. If I lay the...
  2. Alan Blackmon

    Hygain 28FM 2 meter coax balun (home-brewed)

    I bought a used 8 element 2 meter beam. I was replacing the corroded parts with nice shiny stainless steel parts. I looked at the downloaded assembly instructions and see where there is a coax bathing balun. I see a part number for this also. Well I have tons of coax both 50 ohm and 75 ohm...
  3. Alan Blackmon

    Idaho QSO party and my antennas

    I decided to put up a 40 meter inverted V to compare to my 40 meter quarterwave vertical antenna I have built. I really was expecting more from the inverted V but compared to my vertical It was deaf. The only signals I could get off the inverted V had to be really strong. Well there wasn't...
  4. Alan Blackmon

    How are the new Bearcat 980 radios now?

    I had an older 980 that I used for awhile. I decided to buy a newer one and had all sorts of trouble from it. LEDs faded after it had been on awhile. I read reviews that this was a problem with a batch of them for awhile. I returned it. I still have an older one but it has developed a...
  5. Alan Blackmon

    Anyone have experience with Yeasu 726R?

    Local operator is selling his Yeasu 726R. He is said to take care of his equipment by another operator I spoke to about this radio. Anyway I was liking the general looks of the radio but wondered if anyone here has had any good or bad experience with this radio? It is an older unit so I am...
  6. Alan Blackmon

    My home built base station antenna

    A trip down to local Restore got me some PVC parts for cheap. If you don't have one a local hardware store will do just fine. A piece of wire up into the vertical PVC and some wire for counterpoise connected to a SO239. Made a hook towards the top to hang it high in the tree. Got on my...
  7. Alan Blackmon

    Trying to fix a rotor controler

    Does anyone know where to buy a gear set for a Channel Master 9512 rotor controller?
  8. Alan Blackmon

    Trying to fix a rotor controller

    Does anyone know where to buy a gear set for a Channel Master 9512 rotor controller?
  9. Alan Blackmon

    Opinions on using computers for decoding and encoding CW

    I read here and other places of people who have difficulty with learning code. I am one of those people. Years back I was given and foreign language aptitude test. Well I was told I would never have to worry about needing to be sent to a foreign country on any church mission. I would be...
  10. Alan Blackmon

    Trouble with used 5btv and how I solved it. Well I hope anyway.

    This may be a bit long and drawn out. Sorry for that but I will also be posting some photos of my project. I am new to the hobby. I am pretty excited about building my first station as I am sure many have been, are, and will be in the future. This is for those now and in the future who may...
  11. Alan Blackmon

    Which PVC to use for a feed point on dipole? Is ugly balun needed?

    I asked by friend Google but there was no response that made the answer clear. I do see photos and write ups of those who have built fan dipoles or dipoles in general and they were white or gray. Now I have so much of the black PVC but no white in the 4 inch size. I collected it for making...
  12. Alan Blackmon

    Newbie with vertical install of HF antenna

    I have just obtained my General license this weekend. Tested for Technician and General. Passed both. Failed Extra but that is ok. Goal was to obtain General. So now I need to erect an antenna. I was given a Hustler 5dtv vertical. My wife says she is ok to have it in the back yard. So...
  13. Alan Blackmon

    I have taken and passed for my license.

    I took and passed both my Technician and General this weekend. I attempted the Extra and did not pass. My goal was to obtain the General and I did it. I took the Extra just because I could and what did I have to lose? Anyway I am pretty excited to get going. I am now in the process of...
  14. Alan Blackmon

    Is the match on my DIY Moxon OK?

    Recently I was able to acquire a MFJ antenna analyzer. I love it. I used it to check my various antenna systems. During a discussion with a local CB shop operator who is also a licensed ham I was informed that my Moxon may have a problem. He was concerned about my high X factor reading. He...