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    NOS Henry 2KD-5 Amp

    I have always wanted a desk top legal limit amp. After years and lots of patience I found a new in box Henry 2KD-5 amp still in the original box and still wrapped in the plastic and the manual with all paperwork. The only thing I had to do was to change the original caps out for new ones. I had...
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    S.B.E Console 2/t

    I was given this CB radio and I notices some rattling on the inside so I opened up the covers and found the crystals out of there sockets. Does anyone have a sams on this radio that can tell me what crystal goes in what socket? Thanks Robert deKE7KPB
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    President Washington CB

    I ran across this little gem in a large lot of electronic equipment and I have it up on Ebay. Thoughts on making the selling better? I have a Cobra 2000gtl I might be putting up also but I need to make sure ti works as good as it looks. Here is the item# on E-Bay. 320990273964 Robert.
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    AM Station

    Just finished the rebuild of this station. Now I just need to try it out on the air.
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    Antenna Tuner

    I built an antenna tuner on the the wiring of the ultimate transmatch and this thing runs weird. I hooked it up to a 857d and tested the tuner with the swr in the radio and an swr meter external to see how it would work. It tuned up the antenna fine but the weird thing is the radio would...
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    Henry 2K2

    Ok fired up the henry 2k2 on 220vac. What I did see was the 3-500zs come on and light. I used a ft101E as an exciter and I did tune it up on am and with a low carrier into the amp and keyed it up into a dummy load. What i did see was the tubes did get warmed up pretty good and in fact as I...
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    Uniden Madison 8719 board.

    I was given a Madison CB Radio to play with. Ok here is what I know after getting the power supply up and running. There is a switch in the back connected to the main processor, I guess to switch the frequency's and there are a couple of components that are cut so My question is Why were the...
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    Yaesu 857D Mod

    This subject may have been beaten to death but here goes. What does the frequency mod do to the radio, Will it go to 11 meter I dare say, and what damage to all of the other functions of the radio. Is it worth the price of maybe taking out the rig? Thoughts.
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    Browning S Line.

    I am looking for the schematics for the browning S line 5 channel transmitter. I can't seem to find anything service information on this radio?
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    Henery 2k

    I was at an Estate auction and Picked up a Henry 2 k amp for 250. The transformers were replaced with real beefy ones. was this amp worth the investment?
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    Windom Trouble

    I put up a Windom antenna in my tree in the back yard and it has a 4:1 balun. On 10,20,40 bands the antenna does a fair job but when i go to 80 meter the trouble starts. I re did all of the station grounding with copper ground strips and grounded all of the equipment according to ARRL...
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    datsun66 ham shack

    Here is some pics of my man cave shack. Always building up. Trying to build back up my Yaesu station. http://www.worldwidedx.com/members/datsun66-albums-datsun66-ham-shack.html
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    I am looking to replace the plastic covers on my Yaesu FT101 and FL2100b amp. Does anyone know what kind of plastic should I use to keep it looking original. Bob.
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    Cobra 29 LTD Chrome

    I have a cobra 29LTD and there is no white noise. I did use a signal generator and tuned it to 27.185 and I do get a tone on the speaker. It acts like it is deaf. Any Ideas?
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    Swan Mark II

    I picked up a Swan Mark II for $ 50.00 and two spare 500z tubes for 20.00. Know I need to wire my shack for 220vac. I did power it up on 110vac but it does need the higher voltage. Now I need to get that Kenwood TS-820 to power it up on 20 meters. I just could not believe it only went for...
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    Heathkit sb-614

    Does anyone have the troubleshooting guide for the station monitor. I'm having trouble with the old machine. Bob. KE7KPB
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    has anyone herd of an amp called a Footwarmer?. It has 2 30KD6 tubes, no transformer, looks as that is the way it was build. It is green with load and tune in front with meter and switches as follows. on/off,hi/low, op/ stby, rec/off. No fan on the inside. bob.
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    RCI 2970DX

    Has anyone ever ran across a radio that when you turn it on and it goes to pa mode and after a min or so it goes to the proper mode. Also there is no modulation.? bob.
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    20 meter was open

    I made contact for the first time to Andy, RV3FF, in Korolev, RUSSIA. That was cool. My little 100 watt station and a G5RV in the tree. Bob.
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    8950 tubes.

    I am looking into replacing the tubes in a amp that is running the 8950. 1x3. What tube would be a drop in or something else. Maybe replacing the 4 with 2? Just something to kick around. Bob.