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  1. Alan Blackmon

    Anyone have experience with Yeasu 726R?

    Long use update on my purchase of this radio. It still is being used in my main shack. I had it in the corner of the garage for awhile and put in a Kenwood 722 and a Icom 5100 in the main shack for awhile. I missed the Yaesu 726R and put it back in the main shack. I did find a 2 meter amp...
  2. Alan Blackmon

    new icom coming out

    I very well may be interested in this.
  3. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    In the spirit of letting you know how it went I am back again with another update. I have rebuilt my feed cable. I am getting around a 1.5:1 SWR with my nano VNA and RigExpert. Antenna is at 23 ft high on temporary mast system. I can use 28 to 28.9 easily with that SWR result. Above that I...
  4. Alan Blackmon

    Build me a Ham Shack

    I do have the Icom 7300. Yeah my bad. I called it a Yaesu. I do have several radios from that maker too. My first was the 450D I like it. I also have two FT-65 HT radios from Yaesu which I think are good radios.
  5. Alan Blackmon

    Build me a Ham Shack

    I have a SG-230 tuner on my 6 foot fence. 2 radials along the fence in both directions. The antenna is a long wire pulled up into the tree and bent over going a little further in a inverted L shape. Total length is around 60 ish or so feet. It isn't visible for the most part except for the...
  6. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    As for the placement of your feedpoint wires, that shouldn't matter except for in one small detail. If your peeling back a coax pigtail and connecting to the feedpoint the length of the peeled coax ends will add length to the elements overall length. Homer Thanks Homer for your input. You...
  7. Alan Blackmon

    New Guy...

    Welcome to the hobby. AB7XX here. Locally we have a very active 146.520 simplex group. There is always someone calling out during the day. If that isn't the case where you are at start calling out. Here we just say something like KJ7EFC monitoring. For us that is an invitation for a QSO...
  8. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    So I did the disassembly the reassembled the antenna this week. I did a wash down of the elements. I put it back together to factory measurements and still had a higher SWR reading than I would like. Soooo I did something outrageous. I recalibrated my nano VNA. I had not done it in awhile...
  9. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I have disassembled the antenna. It is snowing here in Boise and very cold outside. I won't be getting back to this project until it warms up some. My plan is to wash down the aluminum pieces. When handling it seems I get a residue on my hands. Not sure what this is but I am going to wash...
  10. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I am thinking of doing exactly that. Also removing a wood section on the mast. AB7XX
  11. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I have connected both the supplied stub and direct connection. No difference. I will keep working at it. I have a two foot section of wood dowel above my metal mast. I will remove the wood section and try again. Thanks for your input. It is appreciated. AB7XX
  12. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I did move the ends closer together. The gap was listed as 6.25 inches. I moved the gap to 4.5 inches with no real change in results. I am wondering if the feed point is wrong. I put the feed point at 3/4 inch from insulators. The driven element ends are separated by an inch but seem to be...
  13. Alan Blackmon

    Having some SWR trouble with the MFJ 1890 10 meter moxon

    I ordered the MFJ 10 meter moxon beam from HRO. I have it assembled and I cannot get a better SWR reading than 1.4 at 28.5 MHz. At 28.0 MHz it is 2.2. At 29.5 MHz it is 2.5. The measurements were taken at 12 and 22 feet above ground. No change of SWR results at either height. If I lay the...
  14. Alan Blackmon

    Tuning a Dipole question

    The receive was bad. I did not try putting an analyzer on it for SWR. Snow melted after a day or so and the receive improved again.
  15. Alan Blackmon

    Tuning a Dipole question

    I put my 2 meter quarter wave vertical in the attic. Works great except on snow days. It isn't a often used antenna anyway so I'm good.
  16. Alan Blackmon

    Moving from PAC NW to WY

    I'm in Idaho. A bit rare but less so than Wyoming. You will be in the middle of a huge patch of "not much radio here land". I can do FT8 and look at my reception results on PSK reporter and I see a huge patch of no one being out there to receive signals.
  17. Alan Blackmon

    Nasty static showing up all over town...anyone else?

    We have solar panels going up all around me in the sub-division. Looking at the display on my 7300 you can see them. I think it is going to get much worse. The filtering on these things must be non-existent. Time for me to take the radio out to the woods and see what happens. POTA comes to...
  18. Alan Blackmon

    Just got my technician license today!

    Congratulations. AB7XX in Boise. Don't stop. Move on to the General. Meanwhile put up some antennas. Build a few. Quarterwave vertical for 2 meters 220 and 440 are pretty easy and there are lots of builds posted on Youtube. Maybe even go for a Moxon on 2 meters and the other bands. I...
  19. Alan Blackmon

    Is everyone dead at the rci factory or what

    There are several Amateur radios that have gone out of production. I have a Yaesu 450D. It is no longer being produced since Covid.
  20. Alan Blackmon

    Confused after being granted Vanity Call

    I got mine to go with my initials. AB 7 my region XX which is hard to mistake and gets attention. My brother got a vanity sign of NA5XX.