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    Excellent advice :thumbup1:
  2. WR0220


    I have a pair of QC15 that I use with my home entertainment system, and a pair of OE2 that I use in the radio room. They are lightweight, comfortable and do an excellent job of canceling out ambient noise.
  3. WR0220

    2m/70cm Radio Opinions Wanted.

    I've been running a 2820H as a base for about a year now and (although I haven't explored all of its features) quite satisfied with the performance. I took an old RJ45 network cable and made a patch cord for my Heil mic. The cable is flexible enough that I can attach the faceplate without a...
  4. WR0220

    ICOM IC-7000 programming cable help

    The cable offered in those listings by suntekstore for $8.99 w/free shipping is the one I purchased and used prior to getting a RigBlaster Pro. It worked like a charm with no problems at all. Shipping took about 2 weeks, but I knew that prior to purchase so it wasn't a big deal to me.
  5. WR0220

    Ebay sure is entertaining!

    If you don't know why this amp is worth $200+ then you must not have read the description: <proof> 'i know a lot of power comes out of these units only because , sometimes he would put a floecent tube up to the truck antenna and key up , and it would light up !!!' An amp that powerful...
  6. WR0220

    still havent recievd my radio?

    No matter what carrier you use always send your package with delivery confirmation and signature required. It only cost a couple of bucks and is well worth it. Also insist that the party you're dealing with uses the same method. That way if there is a problem with the package arriving at its...
  7. WR0220

    Resonating coax

    resignate verb. To force or otherwise cause the resignation of someone or something. Resignation, meaning to leave a held position, usually of some power. Pearl Jam's song "God's Dice" (Binaural, 2000): "Resignate my will." ... "Resignate my god." ----- Resignate actually is a word...
  8. WR0220

    CB Break Meter door prize poll

    Let me guess...he replaced it with a Dosy and everything has been hunkydory since. :whistle: Daiwa CN101L - $95 Ameritron AWM20 $90 Either of the above meters come in below your $110 street price and IMO more reliable than a Dosy. No they don't have an audio monitoring feature, but if...
  9. WR0220


    I was also quite happy with the performance of the Palstar meter I once owned. Another good choice (although you'd have to buy used) is the Yaesu YS-60. It seems to get excellent reviews. I use the YS-500 on my VHF/UHF radio and quite pleased with the build quality and performance.
  10. WR0220

    Icom IC-7000 HiFi

    When I was running my audio input through the mic jack I installed the cap inside the mic plug. I soldered one lead to the pin and the other lead to the audio wire. Prior to soldering I slid a piece of shrink tube onto the wire (large enough to go over the cap), then slid it down over the...
  11. WR0220

    Icom IC-7000 HiFi

    It talks about it in this link: All Things iCOM | Heil Sound Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the heading: 'DC De-coupling on Icom Rigs'
  12. WR0220

    Icom IC-2820 RX Fan Silencer Mod

    Any luck with the resistor swap?
  13. WR0220

    Icom IC-7000 HiFi

    Really? I didn't observe the audio on a SA, but all on the air reports stated that my audio sounded a lot better running through the ACC plug versus the mic jack. I haven't tried it on my 756 Pro II. I have the audio for it running through a rigblaster pro. Morse - When you view the link to...
  14. WR0220

    Uniden Bearcat 880 - First Impressions

    They're gonna have to learn how to write code and program so they can change the tables in the software. :lol:
  15. WR0220

    Icom IC-7000 HiFi

    Get a DIN plug and run your audio into the radio through the ACC plug on the back. ;) Use these settings as a starting point and you'll have some great audio... http://heilsound.com/amateur/dspsettings/all_icom.php
  16. WR0220

    Dosy Test Equipment

    Man, this story just keeps getting better and better with every post you make.
  17. WR0220

    Dosy Test Equipment

    My thoughts exactly. When people toss around phrases like 'price point', 'functional value' and 'feature ridden' it's usually a good indication that they have some type of affiliation with sales and/or marketing of the product...whether they will openly admit it or not. :tt2:
  18. WR0220

    Dosy Test Equipment

    All I know is the one I purchased was far from being accurate right out of the box. You mentioned it may have been that way do to harsh shipping or I may have just got a bad meter. I respect your opinion, but I have seen too many Dosy meters (at least a half a dozen) right out of the box that...
  19. WR0220

    Dosy Test Equipment

    It's possible I may have received a defective unit or it was man-handled during shipping, but I know of others that have had the same experience with Dosy meters so I don't believe mine to be an isolated incident. The point I was making is that the manufacturer takes the time to calibrate...