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  1. N0NB

    The New FTDX10 Compact HF/50MHz 100W SDR

    I'm leery of Yaesu. The HF rigs made in the late '80s/early'90s were superior to the ones that came later in terms of receiver performance. I had the joy of operating an FT-990 several times. Loved that radio. When I went looking for something in 2000 my choice was between finding a clean...
  2. N0NB

    No more free ham ticket?

    I doubt that it will work that way. From what little I've read the proposed admin fees will be in addition to the existing regulatory fees. Remember, the FCC is just following the legislation that bound them to doing this. Of course they can't just come out and say that any amount less than...
  3. N0NB

    How I became a ham

    Nice memories, Nandu. Something about the magic of hearing the voice of another over a distance with nothing but air between us keeps us interested for the rest of our lives. :)
  4. N0NB

    grounding rod question

    Cut it off, go out 8 feet and drive the rest of the rod. We did this for a commercial site years back that had a limestone ledge almost exactly four feet down. We did this for about three or four rods and went out a ways from the site compound as a result. Here I have a ledge about seven feet...
  5. N0NB

    Problem with a mega watt PSU S-700-12 50 Amps

    Thanks, it's nice to know I'm a "bad customer" because I bought a product in good faith and when I was seeking a solution the seller goes radio silent. :rolleyes: I'd point you to the review I posted but I'd likely be called a liar too regarding the audio level of the fan as soon as I plugged...
  6. N0NB

    Problem with a mega watt PSU S-700-12 50 Amps

    Sounds par for the course. After being told how fantastic these supplies are from him and others when I expressed interest in purchasing one, when I expressed my dismay on the audible level of the fan he went incommunicado in short order. At least MFJ has a "no matter what" warranty. :whistle:
  7. N0NB

    Id like some help looking for a pair of 2 meter 70 cm radios,pre heavy menu driven

    They're there. You gotta do a mental diff to find it since it was written inside the quote tags.
  8. N0NB

    Id like some help looking for a pair of 2 meter 70 cm radios,pre heavy menu driven

    Thing is with pre-menu Yaesus is that they're getting long in the tooth. The FT-5200/5100 series is nearing 30 years old and suffer from display bulb burnout and other assorted issues. I replaced the PA modules in the '5100s I had a couple of times. The FT-8100 I have is over 20 years old and...
  9. N0NB

    How close will nvis work?

    At higher solar flux values NVIS works on 40 quite well. It all depends on the value of the Critical Frequency. To answer the OP's question, NVIS will probably be the most reliable between the two of you on 75/80m with antennas at about the 25-50 foot range at the apex and sloping down to...
  10. N0NB

    Ham Radio Testing - How will it be handled?

    While I promote the availability of exams, it has been a few years since anyone actually wanted to take one locally, so nothing has really changed here.
  11. N0NB

    Are SDR radios worth it or is it all hype?

    There is value to the SDR as well as limitations. I have recently acquired an SDRplay RSPdx and an RTL-SDR.com v3 dongle. I am primarily using them with Linux using Cubic SDR. I find the RSPdx will overload from the local AM (250 Watts, 8 miles away) and FM (20 kW or so about 5 miles away)...
  12. N0NB

    Amazon Drones - possible interference?

    Well, if one will drop off a misdirected K4 on my place, I won't mind at all! Of course, Amazon won't be handling Elecraft shipments and I'm too far out in the sticks so they'll stick with UPS.
  13. N0NB

    Nascar hasn't changed

    I probably shouldn't even get started on the farce that was the demolition 500 on Sunday. That was beyond stupid.
  14. N0NB

    Nascar hasn't changed

    Watched about half of the truck "race" last night. Really, they ought to award bonus points for any driver that completes the race without sheet metal damage. :whistle:
  15. N0NB

    Anybody use a Hygain TH11DX?

    I have an EXP-14 that I traded for almost 30 years ago. I had it up for a few years then had to take it down and have been slowly refurbishing it. When it was up it worked very well. Granted, no WARC band coverage but I'm not sure how much gain I need on those bands as I'm not a serious DXer...
  16. N0NB

    Is 2 meter and other bands all dead all the time?

    W5YI-VEC may have a team close to your location as well: http://www.w5yi-vec.org/exam_locations_ama.php
  17. N0NB

    Anyone know about ranching?

    I'm reasonably sure I caught sight of a big cat about a mile and a half east of here a number of years ago. Supposedly there are none in Kansas. I've heard stories third hand of someone shooting one and in short order a game warden showed up. A few years back a neighbor lost some calves from...
  18. N0NB

    Anyone here going to bid on this.........??

    Apparently, I'm so poor I couldn't rub two Liberty nickels together...
  19. N0NB

    Do Not Sell on eBay While Drunk

    When I see this I am reminded that there are people the education system failed, and some who failed at getting an education.
  20. N0NB

    My shack mess.. and new bench.

    No, at the feedpoint of the antenna. The idea is to stop the current from flowing down the outside of the coaxial cable due to skin effect at RF. The ferrite beads on the outside of a length of cable at the feedpoint creates an RF choke. The concept is also known as feedline decoupling.