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    Royce 619 PLL Unit Schematic Needed

    I have a Royce 619 base that needs PLL repair/replacement. I have the SAMs volume for the radio, but that doesn't have any schematic for the PLL unit, just pin-outs. I've been Googling, but no luck so far. Any help appreciated!
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    Who Else Is Fed Up With "Mud Duck Radio"?

    Yes, I'm speaking of Mark Sherman, dba Fine-Tune CB Shop out of New Mexico at the moment. Yes, he's got a good-sounding radio. Yes, he's got skills. But for the love of all things decent, respectable, and even just remotely nice, I am beyond sick and tired of hearing his incessant and...
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    VCO Block Needed, Uniden UPD857 Chassis

    I know this is an INCREDIBLY looooong shot, but I need a working VCO block for a Standard Communications model Horizon 29 CB (its the CB that was used in the truck from The Fall Guy TV series). It uses Uniden's PC-130AA PLL module which is a UPD857-based unit. The VCO is a wax-potted...
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    "Blast" from the past...

    RadioActive Radios... That was a shop name that generated huge controversy and arguments a decade and more ago. I used to get many of their radios through the shop with requests to fix the assorted modification issues. When they shut down years ago, their radios showed up less and less...
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    End-fed Halfwave Matching Transformer

    I've been puttering around with end-fed half-wave antennas for 40 through 10 meters (concentrating on 40 for now), and have had trouble coming up with a good match-box design. I've tried different ideas from an array of online sources ranging from auto-transformers in various turns ratios to...
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    Magnum Omegaforce S45 Working But Sold For Parts/Repair

    I have a Magnum Omegaforce S45 in working condition, selling as-is for parts/repair. Transmit level is around 30-35 watts, receive seems to be very good. Meter functions test ok, but I haven't tested every microprocessor function. Physical condition is fair to good, with the face having only...
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    President HR2510 W/ Astatic D104M Minuteman

    I have a 2510 in tested and working condition that comes with an original Astatic D104M Minuteman mic. The mic still has the original plastic barrel-style battery hold INTACT, with a fairly fresh lithium battery installed. The radio's physical condition is good, and all button functions have...
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    Fraudulent Ebay Listing

    I was just made aware of an Ebay listing for the Cobra 29 LX which is a verbatim copy of my own listing (with the exception of the price - this guy is claiming to sell the 29 LX for $39). The listing in question is located at Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio | eBay. The listing from which this is...
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    Avoid this customer!

    He goes by Roberto Renta, and Cielo Renta. Known email address is crenta@aol.com. His shipping address is in East Elmhurst, NJ. He comes off as a big spender, but in the long run, he's cost me a heck of a lot more than he's spent, in the form of lost potential customers and lost revenue, etc...
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    How much is radioactiveradios.com worth?

    I don't know if this should be in the controversial section or not. I thought it was funny, and not particularly controversial. Anyway, while I was doing some research into how websites and domain names are valued, I found the Radioactive Radios website listed in an online website evaluator. I...
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    Trying to read post on CB Radio Talk

    I'd like to look at a thread posted on the CB Radio Talk forum, but I've been permanently banned from there by one of its sponsors, namely Radioactive Radio. The thread link is http://www.cbradiotalk.com/viewtopic.php?p=165360&sid=6e5bb8b542a7101894533278d6d13b0d If someone could take a peak...
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    Teaberry Stalker XX Export Version

    I need to locate a wiring diagram/schematic for this version of the Staler XX. The hi-low switch for the extra channel band has been disabled, and whoever did it left no trace of the original wiring behind. The radio is in beautiful shape and works fine, except for no extra channels.... By...
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    $300.00 for a D104???

    Its not up to 300 yet, but it looks like it could get there. D104 on Ebay
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    Singing Tesla Coil

    Did anyeone see this? Its a video posted on Youtube. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ff_AXVlo9U to see it. Quite interesting and VERY cool!
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    Siltronix LA550 Amp schematic

    I need to locate a schematic for a Siltronix LA550 amp. Anyonbe know where I can download a copy? I checked CB tricks and didn't see this model listed. Does anyone know if it is the same as another model already listed?
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    Bad relay in 200 GTL

    I had a 200 GTL come in with a goofy receive issue. After unkeying, the receive would "wobble" in and out, almost like an antenna whipping back and forth next to a stack, causing the signal level to drop way down and come back up again. After some head scratching and tapping here and there, it...
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    PAL 201 BOX, need transformer

    I need to locate a transformer for this unit. It is a 3-tube amp made by PAL Electronics in 1974. The number on the transformer looks like PT1589, or maybe PTI589. If anyone knows of a source, please email me at the address shown in my signature. Thanks!
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    Out-Of-Warranty Galaxy repair centers

    Ray at Galaxy (GRTS) just posted the latest list of shops recommended for out-of-warranty repairs of the Galaxy DX models. It can be seen at the CB Tricks forum, here: http://www.cbtricks.com/forum/index.php?topic=156.0
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    Stryker 490 now available

    The Stryker SR490 is now in the country, and should be available from suppliers tomorrow.
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    Weird Stryker Problem and a Lighting Strike

    Last night, there wre several severe thunder storm cells that moved through my area. The building in which my shop is located took a nearly direct lightning strike. I lost 2 computers, all networking equipment on 2 seperate floors, and my main antenna was basically disintegrated. After replacing...