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  1. giboni

    Info wanted to estimate Full wave bridge DC Volts under load

    I want to verify the answer's on this online calculator. http://www.mycircuits9.com/2012/06/bridge-rectifier-calculator.html I'm also confused...{onset of RF dementia possibly} ....How to calculate the output KVA of this transformer. 120AC line volts at 3KVA. Output is 480 - 480. What is the...
  2. giboni

    D@A Warrior resurection and bigger Gas tank

    This disabled Warrior was given to me. However. My feeling. The condition it was in. Not worth much. A Lot of work to restore this. Even going with 4x22JG6 and 24LQ6. Its going to cost to put this Godzilla of sweep tube Amps back on the air. My first impression. It is most definitely under...
  3. giboni

    D&A Phantom 12 tube promotion to Warrior high drive 2017

    To sum it up. the Warrior is way under powered. All 11 meter sweep tube amps I have run into are. Some worse than others. The goal of this conversion. Is to have a GG linear Sweep tube Amp that does not back swing on vowels. 12 soldiers 4 gas tanks. Option to use a sweep tube driver after...
  4. giboni

    D&A Phantom 500 resurrection & Re-Tube Need Help hit a Big BumP

    Hi, It was laying around for years without tubes except the little tube for the key Up circuit. Ah over a decade ago re-tubed to 24LQ6 3 Phantoms with 12volt relays & PNP TO-220 high side transistor switch. regulated DC 24v filaments. Perhaps pre-Alzheimers. forgot a lot of tube theory...
  5. giboni

    Trc 457 Repair Help Needed

    Neglected to check LSB before starting a Re-Cap & Mods. I used it in my car for a few months AM. I received it with lower channel mods. 10,000uf Elna - PSU board. I changed out all the large caps to new Japanese. Played with the Audio. Decided to remove the resistor & reconnect the clipper...
  6. giboni

    858 Chassis Frequency Counter Internal hookup Recieve/Transmit

    Maybe "399" might be kind enouph to impart his experience and knowledge ! I have seen them on Ebay. Just missed out again on another one. Robyn 520D with counter installed. Couldn't afford to bid on it. Anyways I didn't like the way the Radio looked Not the digiscan. Just a frequency...
  7. giboni

    Help Sugestions Repairing CPI 2000 Base/Mobile

    Synthesiser Board issue ? CPI 2000 Base Mobile Need Help. Waiting for the Sams Photofact #268 for the CPI Mobile 400. Hopefully this will assist in the resurection of my daily drive C.B. ! Am not allowed an Antenna where I live. Perhaps an enthusiast of CPI might have experience and a...
  8. giboni

    Need Service Manual for ARF2001 Base Station

    Hi, Willing to pay modest REASONABLE fee for Copy. Not the owners manual. Have one with Schematic. 73s John