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  1. TIN_CAN

    11 meter is very quiet?

    He was booming in to Ontario around 4:30 this afternoon on ch19.
  2. TIN_CAN

    How many radios do you run?

    Crt-ss9900, and a Yaesu ft950 at the moment.
  3. TIN_CAN

    Water Storage Ideas

    I plan to use till we winterize in November sometime, then pull out existing tank wich is nasty and install the new tank, which I am just going to spray all black cage and all, and start fresh when I get up there again in the spring. Hope to solve as when is closed and we come up to stay its a...
  4. TIN_CAN

    Sirio Vector 4000

    I have not used one of these yet but have a had a new one sitting in my storage room for some time, will use it someday. This is a quote from K2XLG on Eham.net to modify the vector for better strength. "Like a few others here,I used this during my 11 meter days. It would put a signal where...
  5. TIN_CAN

    Water Storage Ideas

    I use rain water direct in a 1000L food grade tote in cage right now for toilet wash dishes and shower, tank gets good sunlight and I see some green algae scattered about so I add javex to tank when I first arivve at property and seem to work ok but going to improve on filtration and covering...
  6. TIN_CAN

    Off Grid Tiny Home

    Well I have finally built and installed a outhouse with a simple 5Gallon bucket sawdust toilet, works like a charm with use of my ash from wood stove at home,the toilet inside cabin just goes through a grey water tank, so no #2. Hope to be heading up soon with a new walk behind DR 26" cut...
  7. TIN_CAN

    Hey Alabama Buckeye, I just went to radio room to confirm, both PM3-100 and PM4-100 have voltage...

    Hey Alabama Buckeye, I just went to radio room to confirm, both PM3-100 and PM4-100 have voltage adjustment 13v-16.5v and switch that selects 3stage and fixed output. Hop that helps you out, I run both in tandem at 14.5v to run all my amps and radios. fans have come on once since I have owned them.
  8. TIN_CAN

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Rick330man, your signal and audio was loud and proud here in Ontario, hope to make cantact again. cheers! 2117
  9. TIN_CAN

    Home power supply for linear amp - ever used one of these type?

    13.8v seem decent Run it direct to your radio.
  10. TIN_CAN

    My old truck

    I have been looking at used 2500 ram cummins with 200,000km are around $35000 Canadian...too pricey for me. Hope prices come down some, if not will be regearing my f150 to 4:10's only use the truck for towing now.
  11. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Press and hold menu button till in menu..turn channel selector till you see RXNR then push channel selector to adjust dsp settings 2 or 3 is the sweet spot on these I think. then push channel selector to finish.
  12. TIN_CAN

    What have you done today to be prepared?

    Wife has been making lots of Tomato sauce peppers and eggplant and pickles, more to come once we harvest this years Garden, lots of flour as well for bread and pasta also have some store bought pasta.
  13. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Mine was new, till I put a scratch on the lower cover. I would send it back...big pain in the a$$
  14. TIN_CAN

    My old truck

    Wally that truck looks like its mint body wise, 03's in Ontario with all the salt rock and brine spray here it will rusted to crap. Unless you oil spray 2 times a year. More people are making due with their older cars and trucks, see it at our bodyshop and the The mechanics next to us. Your...
  15. TIN_CAN

    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    Banjo is blaring on 38LSB right now here in central Ontario Canada.
  16. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    That's Correct, mine works like that. I like it.
  17. TIN_CAN

    Palomar 300 ? 4 x 1446's

    Have the Palomar 6500R version with 2879's. same as the xl450. Love it works like a charm.
  18. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Thank you sir, going to try on my desktop which does run windows 10 and have connected my 6666 with success . If not try another cable. Cheers!
  19. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    On mine its a fast Dat Dat Dat Dat. Trying to resize and post video but not as pc svy as I used to be.
  20. TIN_CAN

    Anytone at-5555n II (version 2)

    Its basically tuning under the hood so to speak, you can customize your freq along with many more things very easy to use, just need a data cable for your radio download software and install on windows pc Yes unpacked just fine in windows 7 and opens up but cannot read from radio..says cannot...