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    Constant loud squeal when I turn on my Cobra 2000GTL radio

    How about if you unplug the mic??? Does it quit squealing then?
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    What are general thoughts on a Malaysian Cobra 148?

    Through a friend of mine I just made a deal on one of these for $60 plus shipping. I am still in the first week from knee replacement... so have not hooked it up yet. I was told that shortly before it was shipped to me the owner did a net using the radio and that it sounded good. So ...
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    Battery backups for base

    My son Tim has a distribution box with Anderson Power Pole connectors and it has smart logic initially that charges a bank of sealed lead/acid batteries...AND automatically manages the switchover. It is FAST.
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    Server power supplies for amplifier

    Mine is a Hewlett Packard HSTNS-PL18 server supply. Could never find a schematic on it... Found a video or two that supposedly upped the output... I just felt like it seemed like more of a hack.... so mine sets to about 12.5 V and I have just left it there. Maybe some day, I'll follow Mike's...
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    Help with SBE Console V (SBE-40CB) no xmit or receive

    What kind of test equipment do you have available? No TX or RCV.... I am probably taking a quick look around the PLL/VCO to see if it's "heart" is beating. Maybe a run through the power supplies.
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    stock mikes

    THANK you MUCHO for that!!!!!
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    is this worth building

    Well I'll put it this way..... With a few calculations... and a bell and whistle or 3 added.... As long as you check with a freq counter..... This could be a fair "poor man's RF generator for receive alignments and such... It would never be a lab instrument.... but hey..... "The warrior uses...
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    Fun with a Microphone Tester...

    Some months ago I found a deal on a used Microphone Tester. It is like the Super Star T747 but it is branded "Alan" which I THINK I have heard is some kind of French connection to Midland. When I got it ... it didn't work at all. Soon tracked that to the ground lead on the 9V battery clip...
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    Just some nutsy "unrelated" thoughts.....

    Just felt the urge to pop in and say hi. Tomorrow morning.... I go in for the beginning of two "total knee replacements". I'm having the right done first. Don't know what to expect. I have heard "horror stories" .... and I have heard "best thing I ever did". I guess I will report back...
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    GE 3-5875A Superbase Power on the clock and no power on the radio

    Additional very important question...... Do the meter lights come on? You say the radio doesn't power up... but I really need to distinguish THIS! Do those light bulbs come on or not? This is important because those two bulbs are powered IMMEDIATELY after that coil marked 'CH' on the...
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    GE 3-5875A Superbase Power on the clock and no power on the radio

    For clarification.... feeding 13.8vdc in I would not expect you to have the clock as it is a separate winding off of the AC transformer. But...... (also clarifying here) if you attach 13.8 vdc power supply... and then REMOVE the AC cord from the jack on the radio...(because there is a...
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    GE 3-5875A Superbase Power on the clock and no power on the radio

    Looking at the schematic.... F1 looks like a 3A, F2 looks like a 1/2A. Are they good? Also, if you have a 13.8v (12v) power supply... will it power up with that ?
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    Question on FRS versus GMRS....

    Digging around in my closet today I came across a bag with a pair of older Cobra FRS radios with a charger. They had been buried away for a LONG time so I pulled them out and put them on to charge. There was also another little cheaper FRS unit that did not recharge but took three AAA...
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    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    TM86 your Thomas J is up!!!!!
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    ARRL Membership & Email forwarding capability......

    Hello all. I just joined the ARRL on March 30 of this year and am just now able to get in very deep to see what various benefits exist! (new membership problem caused issue. Login worked and said I was logged in.... but most benefit pages told me I had to be a member to get into that area!)...
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    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    As long as I have this section, for the most part, I am good. This is another one of those nutty "in honor of" things for me. The first radio I ever owned was the JC Penney Pinto. My wife got it for me Christmas of 1976 when we really didn't have the money. Years later... I let my dad have it...
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    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    dan, sunbulls, KM.... thank you one and all for your assistance in getting all of that set up. It looks wonderful and I appreciate the work from each of you!!!
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    Sams PhotoFacts Collection

    Dan, does your offer still stand on scanning a radio in? I just discovered to my horror... that I DON'T have the SAMS on my JC Penney Pinto 23 Channel (the first radio I ever had!). It is in SAMS CB-82, the ONLY JC Penney radio in it. And if you have the time and patience, I could use the whole...
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    Another Cobra 2000gtl Question

    Second transistor from the left. This appears to be a "bypass" for PA. When switched on the mic audio appears to be routed directly to the audio ic. (Circuit Trace 155)