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  1. xm49north7

    The Needle, narrow vertical loop antenna plan

    Here is a drawing of my current antenna. It is a full wave loop, side fed , vertically polarized. I replaced my quad loop with this, as it has better takeoff angles for dx, and is omni directional. It is up at 36 feet to the feed and is working well. Have not had it on the dx yet, but getting...
  2. xm49north7

    Loop Antenna Plan

    Here is my next build. Another full wave loop. Fed on the side at the angle for verticle, or centre bottom for horizontal
  3. xm49north7

    Portable antenna for cb

  4. xm49north7

    vp2e antenna, drawn for 11m

    Here is an interesting antenna, I drew it up with measurements for 11m. Hope to get one in the air soon as I can. it emits at a low angle towards the horizon, about 26 ° (effectively 20 – 40 °), it has vertical signal polarisation, and the antenna gain is about 3 dBd! The antenna does not...
  5. xm49north7

    ? Best Comms. for 30 miles on limited power ?

    I got back into radio in some measure via prepping. I chose ssb cb radio as my comms, with frs for walking comms. My reasons were cost, simplicity, and the lower power required. I have solar backup for my radio. So what IS the best type of radio in your opinion for local 30 mile comms ??? I...
  6. xm49north7

    pdf -building the full wave loop antenna and array-

    Attached is a pdf I put together for building the full wave loop antenna and the 2 loop array. Feel free to share this anywhere. I hope it is useful to somebody, need any help just drop me a line.
  7. xm49north7

    Base OMNIQUAD 6dbi wire antenna omni

    I download this antenna calculator, it says all gaps fed with ladderline???, not sure how this antenna works, but it looks like a good idea, there is no model information, can be downloaded, along with many handy calculators from this link. Anybody up to model this one? Anybody explain how you...
  8. xm49north7

    Base Best antenna of my life

    Had an interesting weekend. I have been building antenna now for a bit , and have owned a few, but lately been running full wave vertical loops. I was having trouble picking up a few of my locals, and I was determined to find a way to fix this. I have had two full wave loops on the roof for...
  9. xm49north7

    Need QUAD Expert for Spacing of elements

    Ok, I am building a 2 element quad for 11 meters. I have checked many building plans, and many online calculators. None of them agree. For the spacing between driven element and reflector, I get everything from 3 feet to 5 feet to 8 feet, I get a number saying 62 inches and 63 inches, 67...
  10. xm49north7

    Skip Map Live update

    Here is a link to Tropospheric Ducting forecast map, Thought not designed specifically for cb radio, it seems to be right on for my conditions. If you click on the map it will give , 3 hour, forward forcast, just keep clicking, it is predicting a good weekend of skip...
  11. xm49north7

    Meandored full wave loop

    As some of you know I am crazy about loop antennas, here is this weeks project a meandered full wave loop, about 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall, will begin tuning this for swr over then next few days see if it will work or not.
  12. xm49north7

    Gain Antenna who has Practical Knowledge

    How much real world difference, does a gain antenna make over your standard mono pole type antenna on cb . Just for argument sake if you replaced one of those 99 stick type antenna, with a 3 element vertical dipole, at the same height. How much of an increase in tx/rx distance and quality...
  13. xm49north7

    70 foot antenna tower advice please for side mount

    I just got the news my web provider is putting up a 70 foot tower on my house free of charge. I will own the tower, and I can mount what I want. How cool is this. Looking for advice on what might work as a side mount on a metal tower. They just need to be able to get to there little radio...
  14. xm49north7

    Ham gear on lower side band 38

    I was just off the lower 38, skip had just gone out, two fellows started up on some ham gear, sounded really good, so I listened in for a while till they got to there gear, one fellow was running a Yaesu FT-101 260 watts of pep says wiki. Do many people do this?? Run ham gear on cb. Why would...
  15. xm49north7

    Morning Funny

  16. xm49north7

    If FCC gave CB 50 watts

    If the FCC gave cb radio 50 legal watts of power, would this give non repeater ham a run for it's money. Ham keeps being touted as the best local comms for local at 90 miles on 50 watts non repeater. I was thinking if cb had 50 watts, we could do that. What would you rather have for local, 50...
  17. xm49north7

    Helping the cb revival along

    I think that cb is making a comeback. I think one of the things we need to do is help it along a little. I have been talking friends up about cb radio, how happy I am back on the air, but how there aren't many locals on. So I have decided to help get a few on the air. Where I live cb is dead...
  18. xm49north7

    Trade 2m vocom 50 watt amp for cb amp

    I have a vocom 50 watt 2m amp, model 8c-050-2. and a ramsey pa-10, 40 watt, will trade for a cb amp or radio. I do not do 2m. I am all cb radio.