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    Doc's Electronics in Buffalo,NY.

    I am so sorry to hear that Doc passed. I will always remember many times talking to him on the phone. And be ever grateful for the 2 President Lincoln radios that he rebuilt for me a few years ago. R.I.P. Doc!
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    Stinger Board Real Output??

    Try this, You will not be able to run the board in the radio after you do the mod Put a 10 amp fuse in the AD-203 and in the hot feeding the radio Cut one side of R2. Put a jumper across R3 & R4 DK 2 1/2 to 3 Watts in to it You should see 40 DK and a swing to about 130 watts.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    Optima MK3

    It would have fit my Big truck. But not enough room in my vehicles.
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    Optima MK3

    I have a New never used Magnum S-45HP. It was powered up. Then turned off and put back in the box. I never returned to work (Driver). So it was never used.
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    Yeticom Optima MK3 Mobile

    I just ordered a Yeticom Optima. It will ship on Monday. I can wait to try it.
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    Magnum s45HP for sale

    Mine new was $325
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    What is better, one dual band 2m/70cm antenna or two singles?

    I've run a Comet CA-2X4SRB for a few years. And they are truly great antennas. They handle the weather and whacking tree limbs. But the best thing about them is they do perform very well. And I also run a Jetstream JTM-7505 it works very well. And only cost $35 at R&L Electronics It's the same...
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    Sirio Preformer 5000 Magnet Mount Antenna

    I've run Wilson 1000 & 5000 Mag mounts antennas for about 17 years. And nobody could prove that they weren't the best Mags around. Then about 2 years ago I begun to read many reviews about the Sirio 5000 PL. I did purchase one and find that I see a increase of 5-20 miles while parked swapping...
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    New Antenna Bill HR 1301

    Here we go again! But this time we have Both Party's wanting to pass HR-1301. This allow everyone to put up antennas no matter where you live! So we all need to contact our Representatives even if you don't have a problem do it for other radio operators. I would like for every member here to...
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    Skip Shooter Antenna

    I ran a 4.5 foot SS antenna on my 1975 Freightliner for a few years (1980's). It worker very well giving me better performance than the K-40 and Firesticks that I replaced. The old ones were very good. I can't say how well the new ones work. As for Paul's (Tech 833) report all that I can say is...
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    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    Sign me up for the Drawing: Yes, I want to enter!
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    Beginner ham antenna questions

    Legal Limit 1,500 watts.
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    Beginner ham antenna questions

    Make a 4-5 element 2 meter beam. It should get into a distant repeater or 2. Then you can make some kind of contact. Or something like this http://arrowantennas.com/inst/146-4.pdf
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    2 meter antenna

    The Comet CA-2x4SR antenna is one of the best antennas around. Just get the one with the UHF mount and not the NMO. You will love it. I also find the Jetstream JT-7505B works very well at a cost of $35. I own both. But Comet is the best.
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    Beginner ham antenna questions

    The A-99 works very well on 10 meters. With a good tuner it can even do 20 meters.
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    want to get my license

    The above test is outdated as of July 1, 2014. It's very easy. Most you may know by just being on the CB. Here's a few that are are current. And good luck. https://hamstudy.org/ AA9PW FCC Exam Practice » Amateur Radio Exam Practice No-Nonsense Study Guides - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog
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    RIP 4040

    R.I.P. 4040 You will be missed.
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    Beginner ham antenna questions

    Congrats! And Welcome to the world of Amateur radio.
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    Programing software choices

    The Baofeng is a cheap priced most basic HT. How much do you expect to do with it? Any software that you do get offers pretty much the same functions for that radio. I use Chirp for my UV-5r and UV-82. And both work very well. I would not spend more on the software than the radio. And end up...