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  1. Wire Weasel

    Vintage Ten Tec 227 200 Watt HF Antenna Tuner

    Recently doubled my 80 Meter Horizontal Loop out to a 160 M. Radio's internal tuner taking the loop everywhere including 6 Meters excepting was not able to match it on 60 Meters. Sold my last outboard tuner a while back as I wasn't using it and it was a bigger pricey one so I reclaimed the money...
  2. Wire Weasel

    QRZ-1, QRZ & Gigaparts Re-Programmed Baofeng UV5R

    So I heard about this guy and took a look. Appears that they have re-programmed a TYT UV88 to make easier to use along with re-writing the Manual into plain and better English. Thinking about getting one. My 1st and oldest UV5R actually died last week so I threw it in the trash as you're...
  3. Wire Weasel

    Abbree AR - 780 Baofeng Platform Speaker Mic

    Always wanting decent accessories for the HT's. Have a UV-5R and 2 TIDRadio H6's .... the TID's being on the Baofeng software platform but better radios. I tried the Beaofeng Speaker Mics that you see on the web but they suck. Low audio and muffly. Saw this one and tried. It sounds great !! Loud...
  4. Wire Weasel

    Abbree Tacticool 42.5" Flexible Tape Dual-Band HT Antenna SMA Male

    Saw these and thought I would try. I previously did not have a LONG dual-band HT Antenna. For VHF I use the awesome 52" Diamond RH-205 metal telescopic when I need extra range .... but it only covers VHF. The only other better-than-ducky dual band ant. I had is a flexible 18" unit .... which...
  5. Wire Weasel

    Fresh Hell In The Woods

    We live completely in the woods inside the Nat. Forest. Wouldn't trade the place for anything but it has it's moments. Just got through disposing of this very large adult Timber Rattler right up against the house. Just glad I saw it before the dog did. The wife's family has had one family dog...
  6. Wire Weasel

    Proposed New Rule For The Swap Shop Forums

    How about Only Posts for items (YOU) have for sale yourself or a local friend without internet access. No more "hey I saw this on Craigslist and thought you might like it" stuff. No Links that take you away from this site to see an ad somewhere else - that will have no accountability to this place.
  7. Wire Weasel

    Yaesu SP 767 Filtered Speaker

  8. Wire Weasel

    Pre-Interest? Yaesu SP 767 Filtered Tabletop Speaker

    Have a very nice SP 767 Filtered Speaker. Label-Match for Yaesu FT-767 rig but works with any radio. Very nice shape, couple of small dings in plastic front ring. Still rate looks 9.2 or .3 out of 10. Works perfectly as should. Comes with patch cord. Going to list on a couple of local nets this...
  9. Wire Weasel

    LOL ....... Site Ad

    This ad just now on the bottom of the page. Yeah I bet they are ready to "move country" just for you wink wink. Click to Expand to Full Image
  10. Wire Weasel

    Field Day This Weekend ...... and no threads here .... lol

    yay Field Day ! ham radio popular much ! lol
  11. Wire Weasel

    RCA Light Duty Rotor Available on Amazon

    Over the last couple of years, when I looked, I couldn't spot any Light Duty Rotors on the market anymore at all. Like for a small 6 meter or 2 meter & up beams. Radio Shack & Alliance rotors have been long gone. Was glancing around again while bored the other day and was surprised to find one...
  12. Wire Weasel

    First Good Opening on 6Meters for the Season 5/18/22

    The HF bands have been ravaged this week by whatever solar calamity has been going on. Even 40 and 20 are very depressed. Was listening around yesterday afternoon on 11 meters (the 10M DX Window LOL) and all the sudden like a switch was flipped the Midwest came roaring in to me in the SE...
  13. Wire Weasel

    Diawa CN-101L Calibration?

    Know it's a shot in the twilight but maybe someone here has done before and made some notes. Have one of these, basically works but readings are off. Have checked the googler for schematic and youtube with no luck. There are 6 adjustments inside. I have a dummy load for testing. I know I can set...
  14. Wire Weasel

    Nice QSO with WP3R Today, 10 Meters

    Angel is Chief of the Arecibo Observatory. Has a big station at home near the observatory. 28.440 5/9+ booming
  15. Wire Weasel

    This May Solve Your Noise Problems - QRM Eliminator

    Have a local ham buddy who was getting killed by high noise on most HF bands. He is technically proficient and did everything else around the place to eliminate all the usual suspects that he could. He says he saw a device at HRO but thought it was pricey. Looked around and saw apparently the...
  16. Wire Weasel

    Some Russian Forces Apparently Using Open Analog Voice in Ukraine Conflict

    Freq. shown in article is 4.790.5mhz. Hard to pick up stateside and you'd have to speak Russian lol .... but if this is accurate .... it's surprising that haven't equipped all their forces with digital encryption tech. Maybe just being cheap ???
  17. Wire Weasel

    Winter Field Day This Weekend

    Don't forget WFD. GOTA and makes some contacts!
  18. Wire Weasel

    Icom 46L Speaker Mic

    Here's an Icom 46L Speaker Mic in good working used condition. Fits many Icom HT's and other brands as well. Pretty much any HT that uses the Icom Plug Arrangement. $30 shipped Priority Mail, Paypal Fine.
  19. Wire Weasel

    FREE To New Home. Cobra PR2000 WX FRS/GMRS

    Hi gang, Free to new home for someone who'd like to play with it. Interesting collector's item if nothing else. Cobra PR2000WX FRS/GMRS HT. Working. Just put some batteries in it to make sure is still working. Works as should. Great example of early FRS/GMRS Combo HT. 15 Channels, all in 462mhz...