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    Astatic d104-m6 wiring

    Im trying to wire my astatic d104-m6 to my RCT 2970n2. I have pin 2 ground and common pin 2 audio pin3 red ptt pin4 black receive control. It doesn't key the radio. Any ideas?
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    RCi 2970n2 voltage

    I just got a new 2970n2 WHat voltage should I run? Have power supply set on 14.0 now
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    Galaxie 959

    Galaxie 959 1 month old. Like new $175.00 shipped in The USA
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    FTM-400DR MARS Mod

    Do you remove r1848?
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    MFJ-826B Digital SWR Wattmeter

    meter I have the MFJ-828 version which added the analogue metyer. Have owned it for a year now with no problems. Love it.
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    Yaseu FTDX-1200 anyone?

    ftdx-1200 I have one. The receive is great excellent transmit audio. The display is very nice.One big disappointment is that to switch modes you have just one button, On my FT-950 you have a separate button for all modes. Overall it's a good radio.
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    HAM Radio

    radio I have both the FT-950 and the FTDX-1200. I like the display and menu system on the 1200. The band scope is nice but not a deal breaker. The 1200 will have updates for several years but the 950 will not. Overall I much prefer my 1200.
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    Power on issues 857D.

    857 My 857d will not transmitter using a 7 amp power supply.
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    How to contact RCI Ranger for warranty...

    29702n When I bought my 29702n from Cop--- it was all messed up. I sent it to RCI service in California, They did a great job with it.
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    For Sale MFJ 989D VERSA TUNER V

    MFJ 989D VERSA TUNER V 4 months old. Have the original box and manual. 275.00 shepsvettes@cox.net
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    RCI29702n New version

    rci Sold. Thanks
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    RCI 29702n

    29702n Sold thanks
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    RCI29702n New version

    RCI29702n new black display model. Bought in May 2012 used 1 month. Includes D104m6 mic. Like new still under warranty. 350.00 obo shepsvettes@cox.net
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    RCI 2970N2 power ?

    29702n Over 300. Now it puts out 220 and uses about 20 amps
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    RCI 2970N2 power ?

    29702n Mine did till I sent it to Radio supply for proper alignment. My Astron 50 amp power supply wasn't enough to supply it.
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    RCI 29702n

    RCI 29702n new in May of 2012 less that 1 month use. Has been tuned by Radio Supply and has factory seal on it.Includes a Astatic D104-m6 mic. 385.00 obo shepsvettes@cox.net
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    Yaesu FT-857D FT-897D 857 897 Frequency modification expansion

    mod I did it on my new FT-857D and everything works great.
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    New Yaesu Ft-857

    mod Just what I was needing, Thanks.
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    New Yaesu Ft-857

    I bought a new Ft-857 and want to do the mars mod. This radio has the jumpers diffrent from any I have seen on the internet. The only jumpers that are bridged are 1001 and 1002 and they have a surface mount resistor. everything I have read says to leave 1006 jumped but it is open. Has anyone run...
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    MARS/CAP mod?

    mod Yes that's correct.