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    NYE VIKING Low Pass Filter

    For Sale NYE VIKING Low Pass Filters Model # 250-20 new in Box with paper wrapping and instructions with brackets 25.00 plus shipping
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    WestCom Engineering TXL-100B

    Came across this little txl100b 80-10 meter bi-linear amplifier has on and off and ssb and AM and preamp on and off cant find any info on it
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    Ic-7000 power level

    its been along few days with a little sleep and i must of had a crs moment im wanting to turn the rf power levels down on the rig
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    Legal Limit Solid State

    Does anyone know if there is possibly any company fixing to build a full legal limit solid state mobile amp
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    sb-221 Question

    got a sb-221 from a freind that can no longer operate it due to illness. the sb-221 has 2 of the 3-500zg i have a ft-950 at 100 watts on both fm and lsb on fm radio keys 100 watts when i key the amp it tunes up to about 1100 to 1200 on this meter then i flip to lsb same 100 watts i can only...
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    Kenwood 440s built in tuner

    Kenwood 440s with built in tuner one owner before me she took good care of it selling the 440s and the hand mic along with a mc-60 desk mic 500.00 to your door in the USA
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    6 Meters at 30 to 50 miles

    ok we are trying to setup a deal where we can talk on 6 meter and are looking at the 30 to 50 mile radius what would be the simple but effective way i always been told just keep it simple
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    IC-7000 Hi-Res 7 inch monitor

    i just found out that icom does not make a monitor for the ic-7000 what i bid on was a Icom ic-7000 7 " hi-res color monitor with stand for 69.95. what i got was a TFT 7 inch color monitor that sells for 29 and 36 bucks so when you want that icom monitor just go to slinkyantennas.com and...
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    Tarheel 40A-HP

    at the bottom of the 40hp there is this coil that needs to be attached to center and ground to help with the lower bands what could i use instead of this little coil
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    20 meter dipole question

    say if i am going to rig up a 20 meter dipole center freq at 14.250 so that would tell me each leg would need to be 16' 5/16" correct me if im off and i need to give a little more for tuning or cutting purposes now say if i measure a leg at 16' if i found the center of that 16 foot leg we...
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    Amateur Radio S-meter?

    i seen a video somewhere and a guy was using his computer to look at a streaming video of his signal at different locations Anyone have a link to where this is
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    Silver Bullet 1000

    whew this thing is giving me a headache just about ready to throw in the towel i have a 72 inch whip screwed into the top of it and they say to turn up the volume and listen for the increase in volume this should get my in the ballpark and so i did volume came way up so im thinking in the...
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    Incoming signals from Mars

    Ham Radio Operator K7AGE Receives Mars Photo - YouTube
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    New Exam Question coming out

    Electricity originates inside clouds. There, it forms into lightning, which is attracted to the Earth by golfers. After entering the ground, the electricity hardens into coal, which, when dug up by power companies and burned in big ovens called 'generators,' turns back into electricity...where...
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    General Exam

    Well i went a passed the General exam VE asked me if i wanted to try the Extra i told him i would try it next time around he said i should try since i only missed 2 out of 35 questions i said thanks but later so Im a General Class so i can talk around with the /AG attached to me
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    Has Kenwood lost its mind

    Kenwood has dropped off the edge and joined the realm of Roger Beeps and Echos Kenwood TH-9000
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    Tornado Watch for all a Texas

    Severe Tornado Watch in Effect for all of Texas Emergency crews around the Ft.Worth and Dallas area are advising people to seek shelter at the Dallas Satdium Storm chasers predict a Touchdown is unlikely at that area
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    900 mhz repeater

    we are fixing to set up a 900 repeater not sure of the exact freq what would be a good choice of a HT and a good choice of a mobile radio both could be just monoband or hit me up with other options going up on a 400 foot tower
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    End Fire Array Dual Band Antenna setup

    is it posible to setup a mobile with dual band antennas and have them both hot the rear antenna fires first then the front antenna then fires.. and no pun intended but would it "Gain" anything
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    What rig took place of the ic-208h