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    Satellite Frustration

    This may be a little late, but I'm glad to have worked you from down there. By now you should have received a QSL card from me. I made the trip out there in late July, since I had a couple of weeks remaining on the 6-month Mexican ham permit I obtained in February. I operated from Mexicali...
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    VX-8GR Alignment procedures

    For some weird reason, a Singapore radio shop has posted the VX-8GR service manual PDF along with other manuals on their download site. Unfortunately they don't have a service manual for the VX-8R or VX-8DR. 73! Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK http://www.wd9ewk.net/
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    Kenwood TH-D72 2m/440 APRS HT Review

    True, but a comparison between the TH-D72 and the VX-8GR would be a better one. Both are 2m/70cm HTs with some non-ham receive capability, and both have built-in GPS and APRS functionality. The TH-D72A is a $499 radio, and the VX-8GR is currently $319 - using HRO pricing from their web site...
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    Kenwood TH-D72 2m/440 APRS HT Review

    I have not tried the software with my D72 yet. Your workaround is a good one, or just forget the memories and work with the VFOs. Make sure to set the 70cm tuning step to 5 kHz on VFO A, transmit on 2m from VFO B, activate the DUP function, and give it a go. 73! Patrick...
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    Kenwood TH-D72 2m/440 APRS HT Review

    Duplex operation (for satellites) It is a hassle, but many working the satellites will gladly take the hassle to have this functionality. Even while holding a directional antenna (I use the Elk Antennas 2m/70cm log periodic) in one hand. You can use the up and down parts of the large round...