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    Rig for Sale

    I'm selling my month old N4, transmission went out in my pickup.
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    Pretty much stock (no mods I'm aware of apart from the resistor diode for the mic) Malaysia made 148, shows some wear but not terrible. Meter works, has white LED, no segments out. K40 speech processor mic. $175 shipped priority mail.
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    2970 low Rx audio

    Tx is good, signal appears to be good, the audio out of the speaker is low. Rf gain all the way up, volume all the way up, it's just not very loud. All modes, tried different speakers, both in the mobile and in the house. Any ideas?
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    Cobra 25gtl

    Nice Cobra 25gtl, stock. Kept this as a spare, all functions work. Radio only, but might be able to find a bracket.$75 shipped, I take PP.
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    First gen 2950 scan function

    My scan on my 2950 doesn't work, radio just goes to 26.xxx and stays there until you push the manual button, anybody seen this, maybe have an idea what to check?
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    1st gen 2950 TX freq

    Just got this radio, and everybody said I was off frequency on lsb, with my primitive equipment it looks like on channel 40 (for example) AM and USB tune easily, but lsb is 27.4032 with L28 screwed all the way in. Any ideas what to look for?
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    SS3900 Turbo ZX

    I always wanted one because I think they look cool, finally found one. I assume it has a 6900 board in it, but surprisingly little info on the web that I can find. This one works perfectly, looks pretty good. What's the good, bad and ugly about these?
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    CPI cp400

    Just acquired a decent shape cp400, I know people collect these but I don't have any first hand knowledge, whats the story on them, and value? Doest have the original mic, has an old Cobra ca50 power mic and the power cord. .
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    2970dx stuck on tx

    I have a 2970dx, it had echo and talkback. Pulled the echo out, removed the talkback, now when you turn the raxio on its in tx mode, and none of the buttons do anything. Can't change frequency either. Does this with or without the mic connected. Does this in am mode.
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    President George mic

    Recently aquired a George, but it didn't come with the original mic, from my reading it appears the stock mic had a built in amp like a 257/deltaforce and is wired the same, can I use one if I can locate one?