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    I know some of you out there are audio-a-holics. I was hoping some of you could give me an honest opinion on headphones. I recently purchased a pair of Bose QC15 Noise Cancelling Head Phones: Bose | QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones | Noise Cancelling Headphones I...
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    cobra148gtl vs uniden76xl

    id ask this question first.... do you want to talk ssb ? if yes, then you just answered your own question. for what its worth; i used to not give a lick about ssb, and would very rarely use it. now, its all i use.
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    beware of seller

    i see a pattern forming ....
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    Giggity for 10 hours

    no way. 4 seconds tops and i was done.
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    AR 3300 or HR 2510

    guess i shoulda added the AR-3500 to the mix. still though... seems like the Clear Channel is leading the way thus far.
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    AR 3300 or HR 2510

    Which radio would you guys rather use: Clear Channel AR 3300 or Clear Channel AR 3500 or HR 2510 Please tell why you voted in either direction.
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    Wanted: Base Radio ....on the cheap

    ray: im interested in that rig. check your pm's
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    Navaho CB Base

    :oops: haha, i missed that little detail
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    Wanted: Base Radio ....on the cheap

    was hopping not to spend over $100 shipped. 555: cute
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    Wanted: Base Radio ....on the cheap

    As the Title says: I want a Base Station Radio. 11 Meters. SSB would be GREAT, but not a deal breaker. Needs to be in working order. Dont care about the aesthetics of the radio (but dont want one totally ravished) More concerned about the functionality. If it works, great...
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    Navaho CB Base

    is this sold ?
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    X-Force Midnight Special 250

    thats my favorite part. lmao
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    Happy Halloween from Google

    im NOT falling for it. it seems like another trick video, in which we all wish we had not watched, and wish we could get back those minutes back in our life.
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    7kW tube

    I like the $89.50 Standard Shipping
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    Using 2 different sizes of coax

    ive heard people flipping out just at the thought of using two different coaxs together. as long as the ohms match, what is the big deal ? ive never tried it, so i dont know.
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    Yaesu FT-101EE

    Good information here. Thanks all for the posts. I think I will pass on the radio. Seems like more money and effort Im willing to exhaust.
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    Yaesu FT-101EE

    I have a local here offering up his Yaesu FT-101EE. I know nothing about these radios other than from what I have heard or read. And that would be that they come with very high regards. With that said, I am wondering what a reasonable $$ dollar amount might be for one of these radios? He...
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    yesterday at work..Not for the weak stomachs

    at least it didnt get on your ink
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    cobra 2000gtl channel kit/mod???which is better??

    actually the weak station mod by farmer dave is vastly better than the les comm
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    attic dipole question

    you have the stuff to make it. i say do it. youre out nothing if it doesnt work. thats half the fun. try it out, and let us know how it works.