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    $30.00 garage sale score!

    Helluva buy sir! Nothin wrong with "braggin" either!! I've done my share of it over the years. I NEVER intend to make anyone mad over it,just love to share the enthusiasm (sp?) of the said "score"!! Ya know Damn well they'd be just as proud and excited 8-)
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    What do you think of Baofeng?

    I stumbled on 2 UV82L's in the box with everything but 1 manual was missing. The guy bought em to try out,didn't like em & boxed back up. Then he decided to bring em to Dayton Hamvention to sell. I paid a whopping $40 for the pair!! I intended to buy 1 anyways,but WTH, 2 for 1? I think so!! 8-)
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    The new Wouxun KG-UV8D is coming

    Cheaper here!! Wouxun DUAL BAND KG-UVD8D duplex repeater 136-174/400-480MHz - 409SHOP LIMITED (HK) 409??? 2-way Radio Earpiece accessory Wholesale
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    baofeng GT-3, UV5R, or UV82

    Only thing with the 82 is the dual PTT key!! Depress the top of it for the upper freq on display,then depress the lower part for the lower freq display! Also the 82 is a bit bigger than the B5. I have the B5 and really like it for the size and the encoder knob. Great lil HT and battery life is...
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    I couldn't resist.....

    Nice find! I had the AM only version way back in the day & loved it. Great RX & just a great all around rig!! Always wanted the SSB model but never could locate one within a reasonable price. Old news nowadays for me! LoL. Finally sold it off but kept the matching desk mic (non powered) for...
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    Opinions? Best communications external speakers?

    For base speakers I use mid-priced (used) bookshelf speakers with the exception of a center-channel speaker that I use with my Icom 746 non-pro. Sounds awesome to "me"!! LoL
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    Icom IC-V80 sport

    As far as the Baofeng is concerned I'd def look into the UV82 2/440 HT. My brother in law has one and it IS by far better than my UV5RA,UV3R+, and my UV-B5!!! It's next on my purchase list for HT's. I cannot however comment on the Icom V80 sport as I've never used one. Just my 2 cents sir. 8-)
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    CB Radio 1978

    Cool video!! The good ol days of CB radio! 8-) I still got a couple of those "SignalKicker" antennas out in my shed that my Dad let me have years ago too. Maybe I should Ebay em?!! LMAO Slim.
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    Weather Alert function? That's my best guess?!! Can't find much info in a 10 second search on the web for that rig. 8-)
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    Ideas for mounting a mobile rig in the shack?

    Also can be as simple as adding stick-on rubber feet to the bottom of the rig too! Stack 2 high for the front & 1 set on the back & it tilts for your viewing pleasure. 8-) LoL
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    midland 79-290 mic options

    Sonoma is correct,partly. The version 1.1 is actually right after the model number on the serial number plate on the rear of the radio. @ least this is the way my 1.1 version is. My 1st gen or 1.0 version only has the model number but isn't followed by any other numbers!! He is also correct on...
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    midland 79-290 mic options

    These def need a good power mic especially if the mic gain curcuit hasn't been modded. Actually a good power mic helps after the mod too but you can easily overmod then!! I'm not sure about the LCD screen display problem tho. Could be a light bulb,could be in the LCD display itself. Kinda hard...
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    The top pic is of the clarifier mods (unlocking it). 2ND topmost pic of the wire soldered to R250 I'm not sure of? Neither of mine have that jumper installed. One is modded (1st version),but the other (2nd version) is a virgin as I got it that way. The underside pic shows nothing modded as far...
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    midland 79-290 mic options

    I have 2 of these. The 1st version & the 2nd version. Neither have channel capabilities with the microphone. There was a European model that had that function but never heard of any being stateside. If ya got more questions,I'll try to answer em best I can...
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    Wouxun KG-UV950P

    And of course it,like others,has the "stun & kill" function too!!! I'm sold! 8-p LMAO
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    Lookin good. But honestly,really can I be honest? LoL. Mess it up quick man!! I just spent a few days cleanin my shack & it still looks terrible!! Ha Ha
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    Around my parts (west central Ohio) CB is def dying/dead!! Used to be about 30 of us just in my county alone,but they all just stopped!!! Been 10yrs + now. One reason I went on and got my Ham ticket. It just gave me that much more motivation to do it!! I'm not close to any interstates,but there...
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    It MUST Work

    I once had a can of "Shit Be Gone" for my uncle when we worked in the cabinet shop. He'd shit himself & ol Slim would shoot him with the ol Shit Be Gone & problem solved!!! LoL. Never gave a thought bout marketing it tho 8-P Obviously it was air freshener. Can't recall the brand/name nowadays...
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    Tuning 102" Whip?

    Try another 102" whip if possible. I had one several years ago that wouldn't match right & came to find out the base was bad! Where the threaded part adapted to the whip itself. Even tho it was solid as Hell & we couldn't budge it. It even checked OK with a DVM!!! Anyways,stuck another one on &...
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    Im a Tech

    1 word dude....Awesome.....8-)