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  1. FredTx63

    Stryker 955/655 V2 NPC mod?

    Anyone have the NPC mod for the V2 Stryker 955/655 radios?
  2. FredTx63

    CB antenna too close to dual band antenna?

    I'm thinking about installing an 11 meter radio & dual band VHF/UHF radio in my new truck. That'd mean two antennas on the roof. A puck mounted base loaded Sirio P5000 for 11 meters a few inches in front of the high mount rear brake light and an NMO mounted dual band antenna same position but...
  3. FredTx63

    Independent NB/ANL operation on CB/10 Meter radios

    I've never been a big fan of what the Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) does to receive audio on most CB & 10 meter radios. To me, it seems like it just whacks a lot of high frequencies giving you the illusion of lower noise at the expense of fidelity. Unfortunately, the NB/ANL setup on most CB & 10...
  4. FredTx63

    Negative Peak Compression boards for Cobra 29

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/194062846838 Has anyone ever seen these boards? I wonder if they really do much the jp36 cap/resistor mod can't? I'm a sucker so I bought one to check out.
  5. FredTx63

    Cobra XL-450 Amplifier

    For sale: Cobra XL-450 Amplifier in pretty excellent condition. The only real flaw is fixable. For whatever reason, the previous owner decided the engraved labels for the two SO-239 connectors weren't good enough and had to write their labels with a sharpie on the back of the amplifier. This...
  6. FredTx63

    WTB: President HR-2510 NIB

    WTB: President HR-2510 NIB / NOS Message me with what you have.
  7. FredTx63

    WTB: 90s Copper Electronics Catalogs

    WTB: 90s Copper Electronics Catalogs Would buy any from the 90s but would really like to own one or more from 91-95. PM me if you have any you'd be willing to part with.
  8. FredTx63

    Crank/Tilt antenna towers?

    I've never had a tower, but am considering purchasing a manufactured crank/tilt tower setup about ~50 ft. tall. The ability to crank it down to minimum height then being able to tilt it over to work on/install/change antennas without having to climb is appealing. What make/models should I be...
  9. FredTx63

    Mix and match connector types on a single piece of coax?

    Any reason you can't have a PL259 and an N connector on the same piece of coax? I recently installed a Collosal 10k in the top of a 90ish ft. tree and used a 150 ft. premade piece of Times Microwave LMR-600 with PL259s preinstalled. I need to cut the excess 50-60 ft. off and put a new connector...
  10. FredTx63

    Texas Star DX1600 from E-bay

    Anyone know if the new Texas Star DX1600s being sold on e-bay are good/legit? I had heard something about fake transistors a while back. I'm OK with HGs, just don't want to pay for some unknown/junk transistors or if I should avoid these latest gen DX1600's all together. This would be for a...
  11. FredTx63

    For sale: New Colossal 10k & LMR-600 - Local pickup in Houston

    I have for sale 1 brand new Colossal 10k 11 meter ground plane antenna made by Zero Five antennas I purchased this antenna new and never used it, still have the receipt. Assembled once to test on a 5 ft. mast in my yard using the sharpie marks on the antenna pieces that the builder provides...
  12. FredTx63

    SunSDRs on AM transmit?

    I know from first-hand experience the Flex & Anan radios work quite well on AM transmit (much better than any modern knobbed HF transceiver) in terms of being able to reach 100% + modulation. Anyone tried one of the SunSDRs? They've got a QRP model 5-8 watts that looks interesting and is under...
  13. FredTx63

    Cobra 29 Channel indicator problem

    So my favorite Cobra 29 has a channel indicator that is acting a little funny. It's an older side mic 29 and when you change to/from (or past?) channel 21 a part of the 2 acts like it wants to go out (it flickers a bit). All other channels 1-40 channel display illumination is solid, including...
  14. FredTx63

    WTB - Flex 1500 w/ MARS mod or Apache Labs Anan 10E

    WTB - Flex 1500 w/ MARS mod or Apache Labs Anan 10E
  15. FredTx63

    Cobra 29 NW - popping sound in speaker

    I have a fresh out of the box Mfg. in 2017 Cobra 29 LTD Classic Nightwatch. It's a really nice radio for what it is (I've had a lot of 29s over the years, some feel like absolute junk - this one is solid, good knob feel, nice quiet and sensitive receive) My only complaint is this one has a sort...
  16. FredTx63

    Anyone work on tube amps in the Houston area?

    I've got a tube amp that I need worked on. Looking for someone reputable in the Houston area who does this kind of work. Thanks for any info.
  17. FredTx63

    Asymod III Hi-Fi / Asymmetric Modulation Cobra 29

    Cobra 29 LTD Classic with Asymod III Hi-Fi Asymmetric Modulator installed. Like new condition. - Radio has been completely aligned & Asymod III board tuned by the gentleman that made the board - Setup for 1 watt carrier and up to 8 watts PEP with the appropriate audio signal in up to 200%...
  18. FredTx63

    scope adjustment changes when i touch anything

    I'm using an Oscilloscope to monitor my AM modulation envelope. I always adjust the scope so it shows a bar across the very middle of the screen that is one box up and one box down's total width. Now I've always experienced this problem to varying degrees, but currently when I touch ANYTHING...
  19. FredTx63

    Can anyone help me identify this RFI?

    I hear it on all 40 channels CB/11 meters (all channels at once) and most of 10 meters. On 11 meters it's stronger on every third channel it seems. The noise is best described as a high pitch oscillating sound. Sometimes it speeds up, sometimes it slows down. Lately it's been present almost...