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    Stryker SR497 HPC

    I have an clean, barely used, Stryker SR 497HP for sale. Got it from the cb shop at the Petro in Weatherford, TX. Paid over $400 for it new. (that included tune up etc.) Will sell the radio, with mounting bracket, factory mic (if you want it) and box. It puts out about 160 watts. That's...
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    Bow your heads in pity

    W5YUO, as far as I know, is still alive and well. I saw his wife at the Belton, TX hamfest at the end of March of this year. And I "thought" I overheard someone talking to her and she said he was out in the outdoor fleamarket looking around. I too own one of his "70 amp" supplies and like...
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    Quasar SDR?

    Maybe, you heard wrong. Could it have been the QS1R Quick Silver SDR? http://qs1r.wikispaces.com/ QuickSilver I don't own one, but, I have heard people using them. The transmitter is an add-on board. The spec's are good. But, not quite the same as the new Flex 6000 Series radios. (sample rate...
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    AARS Owner has Heart attack

    Hate to hear that. I have bought many things from him at the Belton Hamfest and Hamcom in Plano, TX. Prayers for his speedy recovery. trucker
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    I want Bluetooth in Amateur Radio gear!

    There is a good article in this month's QST on building a Bluetooth interface for Amateur gear. Not all that expensive to do either. The hands free headset, (Blue Parrot) is probably the most expensive part. That is the brand the author used. I have one for my cellphone in an 18 wheeler and it...
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    connex 3600 talkback help

    A buddy of mine gave me a Connex 3400 that does the same thing. The best cure for it that I've found so far, is to turn the Talk Back off. I even took it by a CB shop that I use once in a while, and nothing that the guy there could do would cure it. His recommendation? Turn it off! I have an...
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    The hunt for the best SDR

    Lot's to choose from. All of the current Flex radios are good. And their soon to be released, 6000 Series are nice too. I got to try one out (6700) at the Belton, Tx hamfest a few weeks ago. Did not get to transmit with it as their antenna was a long wire on the ground. BUT, the receiver was hot...
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    I ain't stubborn!! :unsure: And as for dying breed................well I'm a lot closer now than I was a few years ago!!! trucker :D
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    Most, if not all, CB shops sell whips of different lengths. Shouldn't be too hard to find one and cut it down to whatever frequency you want it for. trucker
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    I'll second the IC-7000. I replaced a Kenwood TS-480SAT with the 7000 and really do like it. I have seen the 7000's selling used for around $800-$850 +-. They do tend to run a bit hot. But, if mounted in an area where there is plenty of clearance around them, they do just fine. I have mine...
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    Wild Setup

    One of my all time favorites as well. Cannot imagine working on that monster!!! trucker
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    SSB Radio

    The 7000 is a very nice rig. But, for a base, I would rather have a PRO3. Runs cooler and the bandscope is actually useful. I have a 7000 that I run mobile and really do like it. It's not modded for 11 meters. I have an old Connex 3300 HP for that. AT $800-$900 used, (or $1,100.00 +- new)...
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    Help! Furnace fan RFI killing my receiver

    Try putting your ferrite cores on the line going to the fan motor if you can. Getting them closer to the source (the motor) of the noise should help. Will it eliminate it? Probably not. But, it's worth a try. Also, if this just started happening, it could be an indication of a problem with the...
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    Ham hate mail regarding my Icom 718 (CB) video

    I like CB Radio Magazine's articles and reviews. I think one reason that you are receiving negative emails over the video is, because in some hams minds, the temptation to use the other bands instead of keeping it strictly on 11 meters, just might prove too much for some people. As for as...
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    The CB radio gear swapshop. Anyone even use it?

    I have bought a couple of radios here and both deals worked out fine. Haven't tried selling here yet. Might do that one of these days. (got several CB's that need new homes!) trucker
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    Softrock SDR Receivers

    I've been interested in the SoftRock kits for quite some time. I have a Flex 1500 and enjoy it very much. But, the idea of building my own SDR transceiver seems intriguing too. Keep us posted on your progress. It will be interesting to read your thoughts on assembly and use of the SoftRock...
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    95T tuning

    If the radio is properly aligned, then pushing it for MAX output will shorten the finals lifespan. Wringing the last watt out of the radio will not make that much difference on the other end of a contact. If your radio does 100 Watts with no overheating issues, then leave it where it is. If...
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    10 meters is smokin'

    Lots of fun!!! 10 meters and 17 meters have to be my top, favorite bands. Followed by 40 meters. trucker
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    problem with palomar 300a

    Check cables as well. Bad connections on the coax etc. will cause the crackling problem on your audio. (RFI) trucker
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    10 meters is smokin'

    :thumbup: Yep, enjoy it while it's here!!!! trucker