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    Icom ID-51 Expanded Tx Mod

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR40ZA0yRds opens your Tx to 137 - 174 Mhz & 400 - 479 Mhz Enjoy!
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    Icom ID-51 Quick Overview Video

    Enjoy! Icom ID-51 quick and dirty overview
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    VHF/UHF & 800Mhz Duplexer

    Thanks in advance for any tips and advice! I'm looking into the best/cheapest and most effective way to end up with a duplexer that would allow a 2M/440 antenna and a separate 800Mhz antenna to feed one transceiver. In my area I do a ton of work on 2M/440 in the mobile but also love...
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    LAPD Citywide Dispatch & Code 3/Hot Shots

    My new and improved feed is up! If you enjoy listening to non-stop police action check it out LAPD Citywide Dispatch & Code 3/Hot Shots Thanks much K1LA
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    Icom Expanded Tx/Rx Mod videos

    Icom IC 2820H Expanded Tx/Rx mod how to video Icom ID-31 Expanded Tx/Rx mod how to video Enjoy!