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  1. FredTx63

    Who Else Is Fed Up With "Mud Duck Radio"?

    Maybe we all just need to pay attention.
  2. FredTx63

    Who Else Is Fed Up With "Mud Duck Radio"?

    Am I the only one that thinks he and his radio sound unremarkable? Sounds like a CB with a plastic hand mic to me. With all of the stand out stations you hear today with monster asymmetric audio, wideband SDRs and computer based processing, he doesn't even register as "wow" when I hear him. Not...
  3. FredTx63

    Should i use a homemade CMC on my New antenna setup 100 feet up a tree?

    x2 what Marconi said. I've had quite a few antennas in trees. Your best bet is to go with an fiberglass imax/antron/gainmaster type antenna. These kind can be banged around a bit on the way up without much harm to tuning or performance. Anything aluminum with a flexible tuning mechanism...
  4. FredTx63

    How do i tell by the box if i am buying a 24 foot Imax 2000

    Can confirm the shortened models did not tune well on 11M. I was a big fan of the Imax 2000 for years because of how simple/cheap they were (very east to shove in the top of a pine tree, my favorite application) but I couldn't get the newer models to tune right. Not sure about the newest...
  5. FredTx63

    Stryker 955/655 V2 NPC mod?

    I have one on the way - so was asking in advance of it arriving. V1s certainly didn't act like you're describing. Good to know. I am aware of the menu based adjustments on the v2. Thanks
  6. FredTx63

    Stryker 955/655 V2 NPC mod?

    Anyone have the NPC mod for the V2 Stryker 955/655 radios?
  7. FredTx63

    CB antenna too close to dual band antenna?

    I'm thinking about installing an 11 meter radio & dual band VHF/UHF radio in my new truck. That'd mean two antennas on the roof. A puck mounted base loaded Sirio P5000 for 11 meters a few inches in front of the high mount rear brake light and an NMO mounted dual band antenna same position but...
  8. FredTx63

    Independent NB/ANL operation on CB/10 Meter radios

    I've never been a big fan of what the Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) does to receive audio on most CB & 10 meter radios. To me, it seems like it just whacks a lot of high frequencies giving you the illusion of lower noise at the expense of fidelity. Unfortunately, the NB/ANL setup on most CB & 10...
  9. FredTx63

    Banjos on 28 AM location?

    I've always wondered the same. The banjos have been around for many years. Often times the banjos I hear are broadcasting on many channels simultaneously.
  10. FredTx63

    Breedlove Mounts - SMH

    Communication isn't their specialty, that's for sure. I've always gotten 1-2 word replies from e-mails I've sent as well. However, their stake pocket antenna mounts are the best I've found - assume the rest of their products are just as high quality. Being good at tooling or churning out...
  11. FredTx63

    Stryker Sr-955 Version 2

    How do you enable NPC via software? Do I need a hex editor??? :D But seriously - Someone post up some audio samples of RX & TX with bandwidth maxed (4k I think?) I wonder if the low low frequency cutoff is configurable?
  12. FredTx63

    The Rare "I Get A New Radio" eternal question thread

    Re: ham radio options - while just above the upper end of your budget of $500 at about $640 from the major online amateur radio suppliers, my vote would be for the Yaesu FT-891. If you liked your AT-6666 you'd be over the moon with this radio - it's in a completely different universe as far as...
  13. FredTx63

    Mobile Antenna Studs, Why No Notches?

    I just bought a breedlove stake pocket mount and the stud in it doesn't have notches for the pl259. I was wondering how well that was going to work...
  14. FredTx63

    Rabbid Base Station

    I see the sickness is settling in nicely with you. Have fun. 891 is a great radio, excellent receiver. You will enjoy it base or mobile. It's easy to mod for 11M SSB fun but good call on pursuing your amateur license, you'll get even more out of it.
  15. FredTx63

    Best base antenna for rental house

    Have any tall trees? Spray paint an Imax or a-99 brown/black and use rope to pull it up into a tree. If you had a pine tree you could loop a rope over a branch in the top and pull the antenna up into the tree up against the trunk, should be pretty invisible if you do it right and can be...
  16. FredTx63

    Push up poles locally?

    There's a guy in Centerville, North of Houston who sells new Rohn stuff, including pushup poles. Search houston.craigslist.org for rohn or antenna tower
  17. FredTx63

    RCI 2995DX Help?

    Did you look on the bottom side of the board? That's typically a swing mod or NPC mod near the regulator. Top or bottom side. If it's not on the bottom side (should be obvious) it could be in a number of places on the top side where you might not see it depending on if they used SMT components...
  18. FredTx63

    Negative Peak Compression boards for Cobra 29

    My 2nd board is headed to Shadetree Mechanic when it arrives later this week. Maybe he'll do a video for us.
  19. FredTx63

    Negative Peak Compression boards for Cobra 29

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/194062846838 Has anyone ever seen these boards? I wonder if they really do much the jp36 cap/resistor mod can't? I'm a sucker so I bought one to check out.
  20. FredTx63

    Sparky's CB Shack

    Nice video. I bought a few radios from Sparky's back in the day. I had never seen that, funny if it was him. Reminds me of this masterpiece giving an overveiw on how to hifi mod a CB: "The bell rang... That means it's audio time" LOL