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    December 7, 1941

    For everyone, including those who just don't know and just don't care, I remind you that today is Pearl Harbor Day, remembering the December 7, 1941 attack by the Japanese Imperial Navy on the U.S. bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, essentially the start of WWII. Most of you should probably look it...
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    Wouxun KG-UV6D showing up now?

    At least one outlet - 409 Shop - is showing the KG-UV6D is now available for US, possibly in two variations. I've purchased from this site with no complaints at all on their service but their website can be confusing and not entirely "US User Friendly". Delivery from Hong Kong is agonizingly...
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    Wouxon program save?

    Has anyone figured out how to save the Wouxon frequency/repeater program not just in the Wouxon program? Maybe as an Excel spreadsheet saved on the computer? Is it even possible? If it could be saved, could one edit it, say, setting up the repeater list off the program, then importing it...
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    Wouxon SMA to SO-239 adapter concern

    I got one of Wouxon's SMA to SO 239 adapters with my KG-UVD1. Fits the radio just fine but none of my PL259s thread onto it correctly or fully. Doesn't seat far enough and would let the center conductor pull back quite a ways. So I figured I got a bad one and ordered three more from Wouxon...