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    Yaesu FT-1D issues....

    Yup, if trying to save a channel from vfo mode, the ht says "vfo mode error" instead of programming the channel in memory. It happens whether you're on vfo a or b, and it doesn't matter if it has offset, tones, etc. it just won't take.
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    Icom ID-51 Expanded Tx Mod

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR40ZA0yRds opens your Tx to 137 - 174 Mhz & 400 - 479 Mhz Enjoy!
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    Icom ID-51 Quick Overview Video

    I find it pretty damn solid. Obviously there is no "perfect" ht out there but for my applications, I think its about as good as it gets.
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    Icom ID-51 Quick Overview Video

    Enjoy! Icom ID-51 quick and dirty overview
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    Duplexer Question

    I had a similiar setup a ways back, I had to run a duplexer into the triplexer (basically it split my 2m/440 antenna line to separate 2M and 440 cables that went into the corresponding ports on the triplexer they shared above). then it comes out of that triplexer with one cable into your radio...
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    VHF/UHF & 800Mhz Duplexer

    Thanks in advance for any tips and advice! I'm looking into the best/cheapest and most effective way to end up with a duplexer that would allow a 2M/440 antenna and a separate 800Mhz antenna to feed one transceiver. In my area I do a ton of work on 2M/440 in the mobile but also love...
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    LAPD Citywide Dispatch & Code 3/Hot Shots

    My new and improved feed is up! If you enjoy listening to non-stop police action check it out LAPD Citywide Dispatch & Code 3/Hot Shots Thanks much K1LA
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    Icom Expanded Tx/Rx Mod videos

    Icom IC 2820H Expanded Tx/Rx mod how to video Icom ID-31 Expanded Tx/Rx mod how to video Enjoy!
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    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    Universal Radio Peep the accessories here, though they're certainly not cheap they're definately well under list price and its $99 for the 1880 mAh
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    Icom IC-2820 RX Fan Silencer Mod

    I'm going to attempt to replace the resistor today using a hot air rework station and some syringe dispatched solder paste. I'll try to post pictures and the results later.
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    Icom IC-2820 RX Fan Silencer Mod

    just ordered the 22kOhm resister from digikey that matches the one used in the unit from the factory (except for the value). Any tips on soldering it in? removing them seems straight forward enough but I've never added SMD components before. I hear there is certain resin paste that is helpful....
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    ICOM IC-2820H Extended Transmit Modification for USA Models

    Yes, I'm assuming that it is the european version because the two I just bought new at HRO only have #5,6 & 7 I just removed them and will reset and see what they've done to confirm.
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    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    Here's a quick and dirty rundown I just did of it, let me know what else you'd like to see.! enjoy YouTube of ID-31
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    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    I just started the Yahoo Group for the ID-31 hoping it'll be a wonderful resource online of support and information Please support by joining if you're interested in the ID-31 or own it Join Here!! Thanks!
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    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    I grabbed one yesterday before a trip back east figuring I'd make use of the gps and preprogrammed database.....I like the concept here but I need a few days to dig in a give you some real impressions, I haven't been super thrilled with the gps yet....but let's see how it performs this week
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    Icom 7000

    I was in the market for a great HF rig and wanted either the TS-480 HX or the IC-7000, after playing with both of them a while at HRO I got a lot of information about the better filtering and rx performance on the IC-7000 which ultimately drove me to the purchase. I've owned it two weeks now and...
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    Building a simple Alternator whine / ignition filter

    hmmm...... could be a little late for that now that I've glued this thing in strong enough to outlast world war three. That being said, say I skip the powerpoles, would I just solder the connections in line? The radio side seems straight forward enough, red to red, black to black, but on the...
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    Building a simple Alternator whine / ignition filter

    What a wonderful suggestion! I've got mine built and ready to throw in line but (and I realize this may sounds stupid), I just am a little confused on the best way to connect. My wiring all terminates to powerpoles and comes direct from the battery --> powerwerx in line 15amp fuse --> radio...