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  1. Old_Crow

    Got my first DX today

    Congrats, any many more to come!
  2. Old_Crow

    Surgery tommorow.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  3. Old_Crow

    COBRA 2000GTL grounded plug question

    Watch for ground loops! System should have common ground bar and radio, amps, switches, meters, etc should have short braided wire to a ground bus which leads outside to ground bar. Refer to Heil sound to explain deeper. Good luck.
  4. Old_Crow

    New User needs advise

    Make sure all you adjustments are made out in the open and NOT near metal objects, example not in a garage or parking lot with cars parked next to you. These will affect your adjustments.
  5. Old_Crow

    Arizona people?

    My son live in Buckeye!, enjoy the skip!
  6. Old_Crow

    For the DX guys . . . vertical or horizontal wire ??

    I think an end fed dipole, if you tie one end horizontal and let the other end hag down might do it for you if you do not have enough space. I found for regular CB most people use vertical type set-ups, if your friends use horizontal you can do the same to minimize interference from others...
  7. Old_Crow

    Massively upgraded site hosting services

    Thanks for your service to the CB community.
  8. Old_Crow

    Need some amplifier advice.

    A car stereo store may be able to help you with that, BestBuy even has some of those big capacitors to help with the initial key-up draw.
  9. Old_Crow

    Inverted V angle

    Being using an inverted "V" for over 40 at about a 90 degree angle, now I know why it works so good!
  10. Old_Crow

    Base A99 Antenna Feedline Question

    I used an MFJ-259b to get the best SWR at around ch20. Those rings at the base are tricky, sometime just being to close to it give a false reading.
  11. Old_Crow

    102" ss whip. is it still the best

    Back in the when cars were made of metal the 102" worked wonders.
  12. Old_Crow

    Base A99 Antenna Feedline Question

    I made a little choke by turning a 8" loop with 5 turns with the coax at the antenna feed point which helped my situation.
  13. Old_Crow

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    It had a little work don to it. But sounds clean.
  14. Old_Crow

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    I'm using a Texas Star 350HD, it's a 1 x 2, AB biased for SB use. It's good with a 30 amp power supply. It gets me out there during skip!
  15. Old_Crow

    Snake Radio Customs calls out Mike's Radio Repair LOL

    Seams Timmy is just a parts changer, anything out of the ordinary he is lost!
  16. Old_Crow

    FS: LDG Z100 Plus.

    Ohhh! I ment barefoot! lol
  17. Old_Crow

    FS: LDG Z100 Plus.

    Great unit for legal limit operations! Been using with my IC-7000 for years now.
  18. Old_Crow

    Anyone recommend a budget amp?

    5/8 wave antenna worked the best for me with a good ground plane to get nice gain, if space is limited a good 1/2 wave will do and you don't need a ground plane but gain will be less.
  19. Old_Crow

    RFI getting into switching power supply when transmitting

    I only heard of this happening if there was a ground loop or it can be a bad power supply or cable. Make sure none of your cables are bunched together making round coils then to test try to remove ground pin from A/C plug using those adapter plugs. Make sure your antenna is grounded with a...